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  1. it was sooooo weird i was afraid it was going to be like this forever. i restarted my comp. and well...i was wrong. it works
  2. This happened to me randomly... it is ok now. but llol.
  3. http://nycsubway.org/perl/show?95801 Not my pic. i went here before and it was good.
  4. I wanted to know if anyone can email the .tga of the textures for the design x buses in city bus sim. the website to get these does not exist anymore. can you please help.
  5. Can you further explain how to get the file into tga format please.
  6. I would like to contribute and create skins myself but i dont know how to edit the tex files. can you tell me what program you use to open and edit these files please.
  7. He probably puts the stuff on ebay to show off because he knows no one will ever buy that stuff for those prices
  8. Does anyone know what bus route these will be taking? (the B3 can use some new buses especially now with the summer coming)
  9. I boarded my bus like i always do on the B3 route to get to school. but this time across my single seater near the rear exit doors i see the foam seats that they "experimented with" across from me in a 3 seater. the resat of the bus was hard plasic seats...can someone please explain this?
  10. Thats cool. is it a mod or came with the game?
  11. i think that the R110's should have been kept and have ordered more. It seemed more nice including the announcements they were clearer and the trains looked more sturdy and well built
  12. cool pics but i think its time for a new cam.
  13. AMAZING:tup::tup::tup::cool::cool:...I MUST HAVE NOW.....It looks great
  14. The r160s are going down as the worst efficent trains in nyc ever! These "new technology" trains arent going to last as long as any previous trains. The braking system is horrible and sounds like they are 45+ years old. The horns are junk and the FIND systems are either on the wrong line or just dont work. I have a feelking these busses are going to be like the grumman flxibles..Not made to handle NYC traffic. Tell me what you think!

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