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  1. wow ur the youngest member that is kewl im second at 12 how tall r u?

  2. Thanks SubwayGuy for the links and Eric B for the explanations.
  3. Y2Julio, it was just an image pulled from a site as an example, I wasn't asking about that particular switch because even though you use a term somewhere, it's different elsewhere. I assumed it, but you know what they always say about assumption. Just wanted to be sure about it. Thanks for the replies anyway.
  4. Thanks, but I used that image only as an example. In NYCT, what function does a drum switch perform? The same?
  5. Hey all, What is a drum switch and what it do exactly? Googling the name's image led me to this: Is that what a drum switch is? I'm not 100% sure so I figure I'd float it by here. I was also told that it is called a "master control"? And it controls acceleration? Correct me if I'm wrong? Thanks.
  6. The quality control stickers... I don't believe they're in usage anymore, which is why you don't see them on any of the moved buses, or repaints. They're now doing "level II" status buses, which can be considered the new version of "quality control". It's not bad, saves on decal material, but otherwise small and hard to notice oftentimes. ETA: RokuSix, good quote at the end of your sig.
  7. I've commuted to Broadway Junction during the morning rush hours. They have a conductor on platform duty working at the end where the stairways are-- and I'm very well aware of that. True, it's pandemonium, as there is always a horde of people going one way, and a horde of people going the other. Even if that's so, sometimes there is a break in crowd. If she was going when there was that lull, what was the point to being maced? Like I said, we don't know the whole story. Just allegations.
  8. Disgusting act and such a violation of privacy nonetheless.
  9. You don't know that she'll win. Even if she does win, it wouldn't be due to that staircase argument, it would be because the officer used excessive force (with the mace on her). I don't know why that officer made such a big stint over her going the wrong direction-- especially if there aren't a crowd rushing against her. Sometimes people have to make connections with buses. I don't understand how she was stopped for going under the tape though... maybe he thought she was up to no good? As of this moment it isn't as if the story was throughly investigated or any witnesses were out saying this or that happened. In any case, even if it does make it through court, they'll just end up settling. Probably not the amount that she's asking for though.
  10. So I installed the game, and it takes forever for me to load. I'm using a Dell XPS laptop. Does it lag a while for people playing it on their laptops too? Or am I just too impatient? Sigh.
  11. House centipede. Good guy to have around in the basement. Unfortunately I've killed my fair share when I mistook them for silverfish. Now those guys should be killed with extreme prejudice.
  12. Good pics guys. Anyway... I abhor night shooting (for good reasons as we all know) but here are mine:
  13. All I have to say is just stoke the fire and maybe some people will get burned. Someone's on a dying ship and he doesn't want to be looked at as the one who drilled the holes. All in all, someone screwed up his campaign with the wrong sort of people looked at to run it and now all they can scrounge up is the same tactics in an attempt to gain some more votes. Desperation leads people to do disgusting things.
  14. Yeah you're right about that. It's not just that the media is finally getting a backbone in regards to airing about it but that this time because it's so "historical". That and all the crap that's been going on with regards to the McPalin campaign, it's shady business, so I guess that's why the media is jumping moreso on it this time around.
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