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  1. They are making some good progress, just wish it was faster.
  2. What a great find! I miss the old Stillwell station. Amazing how much the R40 changed over the years and got better doing it.
  3. The R40 slant is sitting in the yard at Rock Park. Just two cars, they use it for training. For me I remember almost all the slants were on the A line in the mid 1970's or 1980's. If you ever watch the beginning of the tv show "Night Court" you can see a slant R40 in the opening credits on the A line.
  4. I agree but seeing this nowadays is quite rare. I miss the r38's
  5. I just came from Rockaway Park station and I was thinking how odd it is to have so many different peices of equipment in one place. In the pocket was a R42 getting ready for Express A service to Manhattan, and a R46 shuttle. In the Yard was the retired 2 car R40 and a few R32's waiting to go into Express service. 4 peices of equipment all in one place.
  6. Imagine the amount of people getting off the H train at Hoyt in the morning waiting to get on a packed A train. I appreciate a good plan but that one was just far fetched. I would love to reinstate the Rockaway Beach line. Maybe they could run A trains and turn them at Howard beach. They do have the 6 or 8 of them that sit in 207 yard all day waiting to run to Rock park. As for anything else the MTA doesn't have the rolling stock now to do much more than that.
  7. Pointing was started after a conductor opened the doors on the wrong side on a Sunday at what is now the Q in the station at Stillwell ave. A few passengers fell to the F line tracks and a few legs and hips were broken. I was there when it happened. The next day Pointing became mandatory at Stillwell station and it was implemented a week or so later at all stations. There was a few incidents earlier in the week, one being at 59th and 8th where a conductor opened the wrong side to the middle platform. I am guessing this was the mid 1990's or later.
  8. I agree with the guys above. I shoot with Song SLR's and I have the a300 and my girl just upgraded hers to the Sony a580 and the video is ok but must be on tripod to get anything of quality. Also the sound absolutely sucks during playback. Get yourself a better lense and hold the camera steady and you will be better off.
  9. Looks to me like you are missing the 4 train
  10. I remember this story when it was first posted here when it happened, it is nice to see the conclusion of it. Good for him.
  11. I was on a rerouted that went over the 6th ave line, got on at bergen street and stayed on to Rock center. May have been that one mentioned in 96 or 97
  12. The train was very safe, I use to take it from 57th and 6th ave to Howard Beach and get the into the Rockaways. It made the commute well worth the money as I was starting on 6th ave and would of had to switch at west 4th or so. We use to buy the tickets in bulk and saved money, someone on the train always had an extra so you didn't have to pay the full fare. I don't remember the difference in price buy buying in bulk. I do remember that the train didn't always wrong rail as we use to get off on the southbound platform and get the . They tried a bunch of stuff with it. If you wanted to
  13. Nicks by the Kings highway station on the think its west 4th street could be mistaken.
  14. It wouldn't save money as what you are replacing the shuttle you would also have to hire bus drivers and maintenance on the buses so what is the difference. If you ever stood waiting for the shuttle in the cold you would have never brought up this subject. Maybe they should shut down the dyre line instead.

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