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  1. Thank You Young. I googled those locations and see what you mean. I will update my day 5 progress once I get home.
  2. In Training now, Starting day 5 tomorrow 8/28/2016 driving in Manhattan. Can anyone share any trouble spots to look out for, that they take you on? Also had the following questions. 1. Do they do right hook turns? I am having trouble understanding what situation would call for me to use a right hook turn, any tips? 2. In regards to parallel parking our instructor showed us a 2 reference point method (1 ref point being the top skirt of the rear wheel to the curb, the 2nd one is the middle of the skirt of the rear wheel to the curb) Would I start making my turns once these reference points intersect in my mirrors? Any other methods that someone can share? Thank You

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