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  1. The last T/O hired in the May class was #193.
  2. In Subways, there are public timetables - available via http://mta.info - which show terminal departure/arrival times, departure times at key stations and headways (time between trains) for most trains. The in-house employee timetable lists all of the above, plus scheduled put-ins/lay-ups, more intermediate stations and junctions, scheduled hold times and changes in routing that occur during the day.
  3. The current schedule has 40 starting the last Monday of June and 30 starting the last Monday of July. That is as far as the hiring plan has been announced.
  4. The last person called from the promo T/O exam is #193.
  5. 10 on 5/23 40 on 6/28 40 in August No division assignment has been decided for any of these classes, despite the continual rumors to the contrary.
  6. And for that matter, it is not a soundproof booth. But enough with the nitpicking.
  7. Depends. Current projections have us hiring 80 people from the O/C list by the end of July. If we hire that many again in the remaining five months, you'll probably be close; if we hire double that (not unlikely consider current hiring rates), we might make it to #425 by year's end. Please remember, we do not hire everyone on a list, especially an open-competitive one. People move, turn down the job, fail drug tests & medicals, etc, so we tend to move through the list rather quickly at times.
  8. Last number to be called for the April class was 387. We expect to finish thr promo list with the May class and to start calling from the O/C list for the end of June class.
  9. Saturday - supervisory promos are effective as of Saturdays.
  10. Full service braking and emergency braking are NOT the same thing. The deadman feature of the Master Controller - more properly referred to as a Pilot Valve - only applies the train's brakes in Emergency, never Full Service. Full service is a perfectly acceptable braking position; however, T/Os are taught not to use it as a way to stop the train under normal circumstances. After all, if you use Full Service and there isn't enough braking effort, where do you find more?
  11. As of 3/14/11, the last C/R hired was #316 on the promotional list. 65 more C/Rs are scheduled to be hired between now and the end of May.
  12. And that woman only got crazier after the meeting broke to the back of the room. She all but flipped out on one of the presenters and then went nuts talking to me. She was very certain that she didn't like the proposals, but when I asked her what she did want (multiple times), she couldn't tell me. Then there was the guy who wanted to build an elevated structure in the area of Atlantic Salt, with stores and artist's housing on the lower level. Public meetings on Staten Island = free entertainment.
  13. And since that time, they have demoted both ATDs and TW/Os as they shrink the titles. I expect that there will never be another ATD exam and possibly no more than 1 or 2 Towers exams , depending on how fast they can get ATS-B running and how quickly TW/Os retire/promote.
  14. That's not being a good person - that's being really stupid. Covering up doesn't accomplish anything. Better to get rid of them than pretend there's nothing wrong. Or don't you remember the Union Square crash? Actually, yes you did. And if you gave me that answer in class, you'd be marked wrong. As to doing the Conductor's job, you do know that there is quite a bit more to it than just opening/closing the side doors, don't you?
  15. Considering the number of T/Os who have received indication at a terminal and proceeded with the home signal displaying Red over Red, I sometimes wonder. However, it was originally instituted because crews couldn't bring themselves to perform a PA and IC check, thereby (hopefully) solving two problems at once. As for the "lower in rank" business, Conductors are in charge of the train.

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