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  1. For now. Watch - in a year's time a bunch of those routes will be as good as gone. Be warned, riders.
  2. Friday night (Dec 30th), I took the final N79 ride of the night, 11:10PM, from Walt Whitman Mall, to my home in Mineola (arrived there shortly after midnight).
  3. Man, I hope the N45 isn't cut; I use that route to go to Bellmore sometimes. But I'm certain it will be. If anything, I'm really worried for all the South Shore towns east of Freeport - they'll all probably be left with zero bus service (not that the regulars of the town care, as they have cars), and that will not be good for those that have to travel to work there. I also go out there sometimes to Sunrise Mall, but I don't know what I'd do after the cuts. (Well, maybe the N71 will still be preserved.) The N19 does get crowded, I've noticed (was just on it last week). Cutting that one would be a big mistake (unless you're dependent on the LIRR there).
  4. Oh yeah, I had forgotten about that. I didn't realize that was in effect already, nor were they running on Sundays during the summer.
  5. Whether we like it or not, you're right. Especially in a few years. If Veolia fails...we're through. May be time to move then!
  6. I had to find out for myself (this was before I came back to read this thread), and here's my confirmation. Excellent. At least for now, my bus-riding days aren't over. :tup: (We'll see what happens later when routes start getting cut though....I mean, again, how the hell do they expect to run this efficiently on just $2.26 million? :confused:)
  7. They haven't raised fares yet; as far as I know it's still $1.50. And yes, there's no Sunday service except for on the summer-only S47 (Babylon-Robert Moses state park).
  8. As I mentioned before, that article is old news. That said, though, I think someone posted a more recent confirmation that MetroCards would be allowed. But still no word on free transfers or unlimiteds (which to me is critical).
  9. I totally agree. But I just have that feeling they'll get rid of those, MetroCard or no MetroCard. If I can't use my unlimited MetroCard on NICE, then forget it. I don't need to pony up extra $$$$ just to get somewhere. I'll stay home or take the LIRR to the city more often if I have to. Remember I thought things were looking up?...yeah, evidently I lied. :tdown:
  10. Hey, you never know. But from what you're telling me, things may just be looking up after all!
  11. I sure hope the relationship means the continuation of MetroCard usage... (Especially unlimiteds like mine.)
  12. Nope, no pictures, sadly. Didn't have my camera with me. But yes, they looked like they did in the previews.
  13. I didn't catch whether it said NICE, but I'm sure I recognized the orange paint job on one. I think the other one was blue. Inside both were a lot of drivers. New blood coming.
  14. That article, especially with the bit about the MetroCard, is old news. The latest news really has nothing. This is why I (with many others here) am concerned. And the "no cuts in 2012" thing? Probably not true. No. As far as I'm concerned, none of our questions have really been answered. I actually happened to see a pair of NICE buses this morning - that's right. As I took my N22 to the LIRR this morning, somewhere around Old Country Road and County Seat Drive, I saw these two buses with the sign "TRAINING BUS". So it's happening pretty quickly.
  15. Don't we all. Don't we all... *plays the waiting game*
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