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  1. After watching some of the YouTube videos with the M9s in them I wonder, is it me or do the windows look larger on the M8s ?
  2. I was reading up on the Gondola project (aerial tram service such as the Roosevelt Island Tram) connecting several parts of Brooklyn and Queens with Manhattan when an idea just popped in my head. Why not build a monorail that traces around Manhattan's 32 mile shoreline. I know it might be prohibitively expensive however, maybe less than elevated subway lines ? I know that very many would oppose this because it would cut into greenways throughout the island. I believe a monorail of this description would be hugely successful. Then, it could be duplicated in all the other boroughs. So many factors to think about with a visionary project of this magnitude. I would love to know what my NYC Transit Forum family thinks about this idea....,
  3. About 2 weeks ago ... I took the I-bus from Stamford to White Plains .. I put in 5 single dollar bills & 2 dimes $5.20 as I learned the hard way long ago that they don't take $5.00 bills ... the driver saw what I put in & I told him that I'd be getting a round trip pass . He gave me the ticket. Hours later... trying to board the I-bus at White Plains back to Stamford .. the driver told me that my pass was no good. I argued with him a little & told him that I paid $5.20 when I boarded in Stamford. He told me that I only paid for a transfer. Upon inspecting the ticket a little closer, I saw that it said transfer. I was steaming mad, had to go get change, waited for the next I-bus an hour later & paid $2.60 to return to Stamford. I never bothered to call it in with a complaint. Just next time, I will ONLY pay 1-way at a time. What if this would have happened to someone who had no more money for 1 reason or another ? & at 7-8pm at night ...
  4. Hello everyone ... This week, probably Thursday or Friday .. I want to take the Hudson Line to both Manitou (to go hiking up Bear Mountain) ...then hop back on the train & go up to Poughkeepsie to walk over the Walkway over the Hudson ... IF ... I have enough energy ... I'll be traveling from Stamford Station ... should I buy tickets to Maintou then from Manitou to Poughkeepsie ? Thanks in advance for any & all helpful responses ...
  5. Question here ... If I need to get to GCT by way of hopping onboard at Glenbrook Station (New Caanan Line) ... & of course transfer at Stamford Station ... there's no ticket machine at Glenbrook then, how do I pay? Onboard ? ... or conductors don't bother to check tickets since the next stop is Stamford. ?? Then purchase tickets at Stamford. ? Thanks in advance for you helpful responses ....
  6. Also... I bought a Metrocard back in December ... can I just reload it with Cash in order to avoid the $1.00 service fee ? I mentioned cash instead of Credit Card because in the past every time I try to use my Florida credit/debit/ATM cards the MTA machines won't complete the transaction. However I never have a problem when purchasing MNRR tickets ... strange but true...
  7. My starting point is GCT , taking the 7 train to which Queens Bus to get to LGA Terminal B by 8am on a Monday ... Google Maps has several different Bus Route options which is confusing. .. So , here I am asking the assistance of the good people of this forum to guide me. Thanks in advance for your responses.
  8. I'm planning on going to Calverton National Cemetery on Monday, December 24th Christmas Eve... I'll be arriving into either Port Jefferson LIRR Station then, take Suffolk Bus 61 & transfer to Bus 58... round trip back to Penn Station................ -or- arrive at Riverhead LIRR Station then, take Suffolk Bus 58 to the Cemetery... round trip also back to Penn Station... Does anyone have personal expreience with Suffolk Bus on the Eve of a Major Holiday ?? If I can expect the bus schedules to be accurate as stated on the website ? Or should I call Suffolk Bus directly ? Thanks in advance for any advice and/or recommendations...
  9. I'm planning to go out to Calverton National Cemetery on Christmas Eve...from Penn Station... I've already looked online for the LIRR schedules out to Port Jefferson Station then take Suffolk Bus 61 then, transfer to Bus 58 ... or LIRR out to Riverhead Station then, take Suffolk Bus 58 to the Cemetery. Does anyone have any personal experience with these routes on a Major Holiday ? Or any other advice and/or recommendations ? I should most probably get a very early start that morning.... ( Monday, December 24th ). Thanks in advance for any & all advice and responses.
  10. Hi everyone..., I am trying to purchase a Monthly Web Ticket for MNRR New Haven Line from Fairfield Metro Station to Old Greenwich Station & it says the fare is $73.50 online & $75.00 at the station. How come when I try to enter this info... it has a drop down menu to select CTG SVC for $49.00 (CT Transfer) . You have to choose this option... it won't let you go further w/o selecting the CT Xfer Svc Charge. Am I able to avoid this charge by purchasing a Monthly ticket at the station itself ?? Thanks in advance for any & all informative responses.
  11. I'll be walking to the transit center from my hotel. From there, I'll board the I-Bus. Can I purchase a fare/ticket directly from the driver, the MNRR station or one of the little shops inside the trans ctr (bee-hive) ??
  12. Hello everyone... I'm going to be taking the I-bus from White Plains Trans Ctr. to Stamford on this Friday. I know the fare is $5.20 but how do I pay for it ? If I pay online, they mail the tickets (too late for that). Can I purchase the ticket for the the I-bus once I board the bus or how exactly does that work ? Thanks in advance for any responses...
  13. You're welcome...., however, I believe that we may be old & grey by the time the new Tappan Zee Bridge or Tunnel gets built. Well, better late than never

  14. As of now, GCT & White Plains..., In the future (keeping fingers crossed), Nyack via New Tappan Zee Bridge or Tunnel...,
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