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  1. Next class is on 3/31/14...... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Thank u all for your well wishes.... From what I can tell, everyone in this class has list numbers in the 100's.
  3. Cleared my "BS" medical hold last week. Orientation this Monday 7/25. Moderators kindly update my status officially to "Conductor"..... Thanx in advance. :)B) Please keep this thread going as it was very helpful to me and will be to others..... See you on the road....
  4. I completed my pre-employment interview this week and was wondering if anyone knows how long the $19.40 hr payscale is applied? Does it change once school car or your 1 yr probationary period is complete?
  5. My number is mid 70's on o/c #8094...... Reporting to Livingston St. June 3rd..... The wait is finally over.... Good Luck All! Thanx for all the info for the past 2.5 years!
  6. Is it mandatory to resign or take a leave of absence from my current part-time job(I have a very flexible schedule)? OR SIMPLY, Is dual employment allowed by TA? I have a very low list # on 8094 and wanted to be prepared>
  7. Thanx again, subwayguy & willbx718.... I will let it just drop out of the sky..
  8. Thanks....for info....I will check the mail daily!....lol
  9. Hello All, I'm fairly new to the forum and would like to know if anyone has a hunch on when they might get up to #90-100 on the o/c list (#8094)? I just would like to know how long I will have to possibly be at my current gig.... 09'?...10'?....11?

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