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  1. Just picturing that sequence of events actyally going down seem to be the exact rreason he lost a part of his leg.
  2. My husband loves Arizona.Thats all he drinks.
  3. Why are people out there trying to control people lives? If people want to be unhealthy thats their business.
  4. Its getting worse and worse.When is it going to stop?
  5. what is up with these teachers lately with these kids?
  6. Thats good,I just hope all that money really goes to haiti and not in the network pockets.
  7. It just seems like no street is safe.People are in a hurry than ever before.
  8. My hubby introduced me to this site.
  9. Lol I had a feeeling it was this show,My Husband love this show.
  10. hey peeps I started a facebook and I was wondeing if any of you have a facebook as well.Look me up.My e-mail is iadytata@aol.com. I really appriciate it.Im just looking for friends and networking.Im married LOL.
  11. Its about time someone cares(Appaluse).But I think that was unfair what they did to the transit worker.All she used was her human instinct.
  12. I`m sick of this whole Tiger thing.The man got his you know what handed to him.This is like another Chris Brown And Rihannna.SMH.
  13. I can`t wait til these new cars get here.These old cars are looking worn down:(
  14. Bay i want 2 be in the number one slot =[ you know my favorite number is number 1

  15. Atleast bank of america give you 5 business days too pay whatever you overdraft before they put a $35.00 overdraft fee by that time you should of been paid off what you went over. Wachovia is ridiculous wih there overdraft policy i went over something for 99cent and they charge me $35.00 for that i couldnt beleave it :confused: but its all good hopefully one of these days the Wachovia Bank will tone down there overdraft fees because for 99cent your going 2 charge me $35.00 thats assurd really
  16. Hey husband i just wanted 2 say i love you with all my heart and thanks for helping me wit my transit page ttyl Bonnie Clyde forever xoxo

  17. Mrs Edwards1


    Thankyou so much for allowing me to join the transit site My name is Taya aka MrsEdwards1 im the wife of saint louis car 09 so im new 2 this so pls bare with me everyone thanks
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