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  1. Ok so we all know that the 325 R62 car order started at 1301 but researching a bit I found out there was actually a car 1300 used as a fully functional test demo in 1982...Any word on what happened to it? Or even pictures of it.
  2. New Yorkers themselves is part of the problem, not all the blame should go on the MTA
  3. The First R62 being loaded into a ship in Kobe Japan 1983
  4. R62 car 1301 is loaded onto Japanese freighter in Kobe, Japan Photo: Sojitz Corporation
  5. Yes. Putting side seats on a 60 foot train greatly reduce seating, but on the flip side increase standing room
  6. More work done at Kawasaki Hyogo works. Photo: KHI
  7. A LIRR M9 car ready for the next phase of production at Kawasaki Hyogo works in Japan
  8. First time riding a fishbowl and a BIA Orion V
  9. More than likely the carbodies will be made in Lincoln. Yonkers site is used for final assembly and testing
  10. As far as my experience goes, here are my worst. BRONX: BX12-Farebeaters galore !! BROOKLYN: B25- Geriatric express, stops at almost every stop. MANHATTAN: M42- A fetus can move faster than that bus. QUEENS and STATEN ISLAND is pending.
  11. Im pretty excited about the bus.As far as Americans or Canadians making a dedicated all electric bus....They are still far behind.We are known for making Diesel buses.

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