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  1. Hey kb,I heard from my uncle at west farms today that by fall 2010 all the og cng's will be replaced by the newer ng models and the old cng's will be split with lib and mta bus.

  2. I'm serious you can also check mta rosters

  3. Hey im just wondering when ore my 2 viis gonna be completed?

  4. Hey novabus I wanted to know when my order was gonna be done it's the 2 viis

  5. I erased it it was only temporary

  6. They are pretty noisy my grandmother lives on 163 st where the bx6 cng's run and she says she can hear them all night and she lives towards the back of the building.

    She hates the cng's but I don't blame her.

  7. Nycb should replace the og cng's for the new quieter ng cng's

  8. hey KR. i saw that video of you and cait sith that he posted earlier and i have to say that your driving is supurb. the way most b/o's drive is nothing compared to your driving. i just wanted wanted to drop the compliment.

  9. So do u want to join my website?

  10. No I mean my other site about photos transitspot.webs.com

  11. I don't think you can unless you have an account with webs.com because the site is about transit photography kinda like ttmg

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