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  1. Actually we didnt know about customs until we got to Liberia airport where officials told us we would be clearing customs in the unites states, the flight we took was also the only flight of the day out of Liberia, that was not poor planning on my part but on united airlines for not giving enough time to clear customs that was the only time frame we had or else we would of had to wait till 6:30am the next day for the next flight Anyways has UA been this unorganized before the merge?
  2. I agree with holding the plane for a extended time being unnecessary but my only issue was the fact that UA only gave us 35 scheduled minutes to go through customs and the plane we were taking home we were the only customers on board the aircraft, I was just overall not impressed With their service especially from their employees I hope it was just a one time event
  3. Wow that cockpit screams first class comfort for the pilots it's about time they get the same treatment as first class lol
  4. I'm just wondering what's your experience with this company for me, it was absolutely awful last week I went on a trip to costa rica, this was also my first time flying we started in Ottawa on a embraer 145 where the flight attendant was extremely rude and did not give off a friendly customer service attitude you would expect. Our plane arrived in Newark, and I must say passing over the two cities new York being the other was absolutely breathtaking at how beautiful the cities are. Anyways on our second flight we have ex continental 737 which wasn't that bad just a very rough landing in what seemed to be perfect weather In Liberia Now here is what really disturbed me. On the way back united airlines overbooked by 13 people which delayed the flight 25 minutes while trying to sort everything out, the flight itself wasn't bad until the end I'm not sure if this is normal policy but the engines on the plane literally turned off for a good hour while on approach to Newark then at the last minute the engines went on full power and again a rough landing. The plane landed although safely and only 5 minutes late united airlines only gave us a hour to go through customs and naturally that was not enough time to catch our connecting flight home so naturally we missed it as united refused to hold the plane any longer then 10 minutes so it left 19 people short ( there was a group of us ) so we ended up waiting in Newark 8 hours for the next mornings first flight which made a unspecified landing in Gatineau Quebec where we had to bus to Ottawa. They didn't say why it landed in Gatineau which is somewhat disturbing I'm just wondering has anyone had a experience like this with UA?
  5. iPhone 4 currently, strongly debating whether I should get the motorola droid razr or the htc Titan anyone have a opinion on this?
  6. they do but the ones they had ( 2010? ) are Diesel LFSA these are HEV LFSA's fantastic shots btw!
  7. Fantastic shots! was there any OC Transpo out? also the new 100% nova looks amazing!! do you have any rear shots out of curiosity
  8. the older MCI's are mainly gone from the US, you can find a vast majority of old MCI's from Greyhound Canada, but you will most like get a J or D series 4500 J4500: G4500 i personally have never been on the G4500 but ive always wanted to ride one
  9. its a shame this happened, TTC has had a horrible year and this just puts more damage, i wonder whos fault this is. from the looks of it it could be either way either the truck turned lanes and the back hit the bus or the bus was turning and hit the back... i wonder how a Orion V would of stood against it, most likely less damage and probably a life saved, but im not nocking the VII just the V being a high floor would of increased the chances
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8NQogpCh0c http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVLRC4y_pQA&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxSU8MlEw3k http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KdVeSxaEr0&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL so please remember to give feedback
  11. heres just a sample of the jeumont and all its glory!
  12. ah so they were all at merivale, that would probably explain why for 3 weeks in a row i worked on only V's
  13. ah ok, im interested to know when they were transfered at what points in time. but thats nearly impossible lol
  14. from what ive been told by the creator RainTraceman84? on youtube the sound isnt for redistribution so i doubt you could get it, although you could try
  15. i know, i meant before their retirement.
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