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  1. Out of curiosity, East New York, why did you create this fantasy world in which it was possible for pigs to fly, Congress to pass vital legislation in a timely fashion, and a major transit authority in a foreign country to defy logic and order over two thousand buses from an unproven American manufacturer? Not only that, why did you create this fantasy world and announce it to the world as fact? I'm not trying to attack you or anything. I am just trying to figure out why you would ruin your credibility for something like this.
  2. Whatever happened to that 2000 bus order from the "confidential" buyer? Was it canceled or was it complete bullshit from the start?
  3. Did anyone ever seriously think that Millennium, an unproven manufacturer, had a chance?
  4. Nowhere in the press release does it say that the buses are MTA buses.

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