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  1. Good afternoon all, For sale, Baltimore Transit Company schedules from 1936-1955. Bus lines, ETB lines, Streetcar lines. $1.50 each + shipping. 10/ $12.00 $1 shipping in Canada for the 1st, + $0.25 for every one after. $1.50 shipping to USA for the 1st, + $0.35 for every one after. Can request random routes, same price. Example photos: IMG_0145 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! LINE DATE 1 14-Sep-37 21-Jun-42 07-Sep-44 27-Nov-44 21-Jun-45 07-Oct-45 08-Apr-46 22-Jun-47 2 12-Oct-41 21-Jun-42 25-Jul-44 20-Nov-44 03-Apr-47 3 22-Jun-47 06-Jul-47 08-Nov-47 04-Sep-55 4 07-Dec-49 08-Sep-41 21-Jun-42 01-Aug-44 10-Dec-44 16-Dec-45 14-Jul-46 16-Nov-47 13-Jun-54 05-Sep-54 5 14-Sep-37 21-Jun-42 02-Jun-44 28-Jan-45 11-Jun-45 28-Apr-46 03-Aug-47 27-Jun-48 04-Sep-55 6 21-Jun-42 07-Aug-44 27-Nov-44 30-Sep-45 28-Apr-46 17-Aug-47 21-Mar-48 8 27-Jun-42 18-Aug-44 14-Jan-45 09-Mar-45 11-Jun-45 24-Feb-46 22-Jun-04 10-Nov-47 16-May-49 13-Jun-54 9 21-Jun-42 18-Aug-44 18-Dec-44 21-Jun-45 16-Dec-04 09-Jun-46 14-Jul-47 03-Nov-47 08-Jul-50 05-Sep-54 06-Sep-55 10 21-Jun-42 18-Aug-44 27-Nov-44 30-Sep-45 24-Feb-46 03-Nov-47 11 22-Jun-47 03-Sep-47 12 04-Dec-37 13 21-Jun-42 25-Jul-44 28-Jan-45 11-Jun-45 01-Apr-46 19-Oct-47 04-Sep-56 15 21-Jun-42 25-Jul-44 25-Feb-45 11-Jun-45 01-Apr-46 06-Apr-47 05-Oct-47 19-Sep-54 04-Sep-55 16 21-Jun-42 04-Mar-44 25-Feb-45 21-Jun-45 14-Jul-46 04-Oct-47 17 05-Sep-37 21-Jun-42 07-Sep-44 27-Nov-44 21-Jun-45 21-Apr-46 18 21-Jun-42 17-May-44 25-Feb-45 02-Jun-45 10-Dec-45 14-Jul-46 06-Oct-47 17-Mar-52 08-Jun-52 19 06-Oct-47 02-Apr-50 13-Oct-52 04-Sep-55 20 21-Jun-42 18-Aug-44 08-Jan-45 03-Jun-45 24-Feb-36 21 08-Feb-38 21-Jun-42 30-Aug-44 22-Jan-45 11-Feb-46 03-Aug-47 30-Jul-50 22 22-Jun-47 03-Sep-47 04-Sep-55 24 08-Sep-41 21-Jun-42 25-Feb-45 01-Jul-45 11-Feb-46 14-Jul-46 06-Jul-47 25 21-Jun-42 26-Aug-44 10-Dec-44 01-Jul-45 28-Apr-46 05-May-47 03-Nov-47 04-Sep-55 26 21-Jun-42 08-Jan-45 26-Nov-45 09-Jun-46 06-Oct-47 15-May-49 30-Jul-50 14-Nov-54 27 21-Jun-42 22-Aug-44 22-Jan-45 23-Sep-45 01-Apr-46 16-Nov-47 28 22-Jun-47 04-Oct-47 29 25-Sep-39 21-Jun-42 07-Sep-44 27-Nov-44 21-Jun-45 21-Apr-46 22-Jun-47 03-Aug-47 06-Oct-47 30 23-Aug-37 21-Jun-42 17-May-44 25-Feb-45 21-Jun-45 03-Sep-47 31 21-Jun-42 20-Aug-44 21-Jan-45 09-Jun-46 17-Mar-47 03-Sep-47 32 19-Apr-05 21-Jun-42 20-Aug-44 22-Jan-45 11-Jun-45 09-Jun-46 03-Sep-47 27-Jun-48 12-Oct-52 05-Sep-54 19-Jun-55 34 02-Jun-42 20-Aug-44 25-Feb-45 23-Sep-45 24-Feb-46 23-Mar-47 06-Oct-47 35 21-Jun-42 14-Aug-44 25-Sep-45 14-Jul-46 09-Oct-47 04-Sep-55 36 22-Jun-47 06-Jul-47 02-Sep-47 40 27-Jun-48 44 07-Jul-46 06-Jul-47 06-Oct-47 47 04-Sep-55 50 05-Sep-50 51 27-Jun-48 54 27-Jun-48 57 22-Jun-47 58 27-Jun-48 A 21-Jun-42 14-Jul-46 B 03-Aug-44 28-Jan-45 03-Jun-45 14-Jul-46 C 21-Jun-42 D 21-Jun-42 19-Jun-44 28-Jan-45 03-Jun-45 24-Feb-46 10-Aug-47 E 21-Jun-42 14-Jul-46 13-Jul-47 21-Sep-47 F 18-Apr-44 25-Feb-45 23-Sep-45 17-Feb-46 17-Aug-47 H 21-Jun-42 25-Jun-44 25-Feb-45 14-Jul-46 06-Jul-47 03-Sep-47 I 21-Jun-42 25-Jun-44 25-Feb-44 23-Sep-45 14-Jul-46 03-Sep-37 J 23-Aug-44 28-Jan-45 23-Sep-45 24-Feb-46 16-Mar-47 05-Oct-47 K 21-Jun-42 23-Aug-44 22-Jan-45 23-Sep-45 06-Dec-45 14-Jul-46 L 21-Jun-42 18-Aug-44 04-Feb-45 23-Sep-45 14-Jul-46 03-Sep-47 KEY AVENUE 03-Apr-44 08-Oct-44 23-Sep-45 11-Feb-46 14-Jul-46 13-Jul-47 UNION AVENUE 19-Feb-44 08-Oct-44 23-Sep-45 11-Feb-46
  2. OC Transpo has started retirement of the 4XXX/41XX series buses. They are 1999/2000 Orion VI 06.501 18/140 have been retired.
  3. Some of those old MC-12's are running up here for Greyhound Canada now.
  4. All the best guys, a bunch of us are thinking of you up North, Your friend 70(8)70(2)70(3)70(8)
  5. When I returned from Winter holidays, all the V's were moved. The guys I worked with said they were moved just after Christmas.
  6. Ok then, before Dec. 27, most if not all V's were Pinecrest based. So 9864 would've been through Pinecrest as well.
  7. There are no V's at Pinecrest. 19 Novas are at Pine, all V's are around St. Laurent somewhere.
  8. Mirrors are suposed to be in the box when you purchase the model.
  9. Nice! Any chance you got the VIN on the V? All GO Transit Orion V's have been retired. The fleet is now MCI diesels & hybrids as well as double deckers. A bunch of ex. GO V's have ended up in Niagara Falls area.
  10. Sorry for the late notice, but I noticed a few errors: 9704 is a 1998 V, not '97. All our '97 V's were actually '98's. 4008 is a 1999 VI
  11. I wouldn't be posting that unless he got direct permission to remove the Orion badge. If he didn't, that is classified as stealing to OC Transpo and the City of Ottawa.
  12. A sad update, All Orion V's have been retired. OC Transpo is now 100% accesible & NSAS equiped. I worked on the 97/98 V's so this definetly hits home for me. Solemly yours, 70(8)70(2)70(3)70(8)
  13. Ye, OC Transpo is running itself into the ground- I don't post half of the stuff I hear just because it's such a sad state. 70(8)70(2)70(3)70(8)
  14. I did not say ALL V's were retired. It says in that statement that all the buses I LISTED were Orion V's. I know 9708 is still around with a few others. They will be inservice until the end of the summer. There are no replacement buses for these, they are just being retired due to corrosion, lack of A/C. The DD's will replace the VI's, originally the LFS too but they have been parked early. 70(8)70(2)70(3)70(8)
  15. Yet another update: Orion VI 4029 is hanging out in the back lot of St. Laurent 9704, 9705, 9710, 9712, 9825, 9848, 9854, 9859, 9864 (all Orion V's) have been retired. 9819, 9838, 9871, 9717 are awaiting retirement. 9721-9740 our only NovaBUS LFS have been parked from service, and will be retired shortly. Reason: No A/C 70(8)70(2)70(3)70(8)
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