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  1. The 3 point shooting contest was pretty good. Kevin Love deserves the win. I don't know how he's improved even more from last year, especially with scoring and 3's. The dunk contest was pretty boring though. Last year's was much better (even though Serge Ibaka and JaVale McGee got robbed). The Heat game wasn't terrible...they have one of the best records in the league and they double teamed Lin, and this was his first off night since that first night almost 3 weeks ago when he went off for 25. At the very least the Knicks are a playoff team, and they play the Cavs next. This is a matchup we have to win, after our record with the Cavs last year...
  2. They'll start using it next year when the plans on adding a $1 surcharge on new cards. I'm glad this is finally an option.
  3. The difference between PTC and CBTC though is that PTC is government-mandated while CBTC is not. I guess part of the decision to pursue CBTC is cost-effectiveness. If you're gonna spend a lot of money replacing signals, why not invest more into one that won't become obsolete as fast while increasing capacity?
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