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  1. Mets suck (No Offense) so they don't need the extra parking, and i have never heard a problem with parking at Citi Field, The new MLS Stadium can do a bit good for the community (Other than going to NJ, Which is a long ride and cost more). Malls......why i see no point especially since Flushing is RIGHT THERE and a new mall just opened too. Idk about Tennis so....no comment
  2. I wanted to do one so let me try: Due to a Major Occupy Wall St. protest with countless thousands blocking ways to enter/exit the subway/buses and its uncontrollable, all trains/buses under Chambers Street are rerouted......Who can reroute this? Last Stops: - Chambers Street - Canal Street - Canal Street - Canal Street - 14 Street (Brooklyn Bridge Station is blocked) Remember all tracks after these stops are not passable
  3. Hey Guys, Just wondering if there is any Train Dispatching games that are good besides Train Dispatcher 2&3 those are getting old on me now. Thanks
  4. Yeah your Right I tried too use it for paint on scratch but i had big problems THANKS!!
  5. Can I know how to make a Track Map! Thank YOU!!!
  6. Also we waste more time in school than with our parents and our home So IF THAT OBAMA trys to damm take us kids away from our home there stupid! We are in school more time than with our parents and we are going to be more less time with our home and parents, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO LIVE IN SCHOOL!!!?????!!!!! And the U.S. Has the most school HOURS in the nearly the whole world!!!
  7. I am going to Miami on Amtrak I just want to know what is the best to take. Sliver Star OR Sliver Meteor?? Thank you!!!
  8. Jay Street JFK Express LAST TRAIN EVER Destination: Howard Beach Arrival: 4 minutes Via The Rockaways MAJOR DELAYS Destination: Beach 116 Street Arrival: 27 Minutes via Local MAJOR DELAYS Destination: Broad Channel Arrival: Approximately 43 Minutes April 14, 1990 6:46 PM
  9. Can you do a Shuttle sign thats like this http://i199.photobucket.com/albums/aa240/DiamondPearlChamp/MTA/BLocal2LED.gif South Ferry Bound Via St George To South Ferry To St George To Tompkinsville I Would also like the shuttle flipdot also. And if possible (All same as ) JFK Air Round-Bound This is Terminal 4 Next Stop Jetblue Terminal (If it does not fit put "Nxt Stop Jetblue Term.") Last Stop Term. 8/9 Next Train 5 Min
  10. it would be nice a extra extention.... Also remember of the budget.....
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