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  1. IRT Bronx Express

    Your Transit Memorabilia

    My collection is growing! I like it when I can make deals with certain people. Because I have an iPhone now, PhotoFAWKit won't accept .HEIC photos, gah! https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_d1UVaf3-Eiht6zXksHMHCFxdZefJjV3?usp=sharing
  2. IRT Bronx Express

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    This might sound somewhat random and strange, but does anyone know how can I contact Christopher Rivera regarding the 1979 Bronx Bus Map?
  3. IRT Bronx Express

    R62 4 Train (not 62a!)

    Now that's a rare sight for me as I haven't seen an R62/A back in 2007. And that's not counting what I see on the now.
  4. IRT Bronx Express

    Enjoying Spring (Subway)

    Nice job, Daniel
  5. IRT Bronx Express

    New Nova, New Nova...

    Well done sir 👌
  6. IRT Bronx Express

    Here's Some Buses, next

    Excellent pics!
  7. IRT Bronx Express

    Your Transit Memorabilia

    Time for an update!
  8. IRT Bronx Express

    Well ok then- Sixth Avenue in a nutshell.

    I could see weekend trains supplementing with the one day, given how popular the reroute turned out to be for 8 years. The is always a problem at Central Park since the gains more priority, so there's that...
  9. IRT Bronx Express

    Extra B/D service for Yankee Games

    I hate it every time the afternoon " express" stops at Yankee Stadium during Yankee games, when it makes more sense to run 2 local services on the Concourse for 2 and a half hours. Switching between the express and local only renders the Concourse express useless. Concourse service is already crap during middays with the useless and the unreliable being the sole Bronx service.
  10. IRT Bronx Express

    Well, I'm getting there...

    And a few oldies: (in response to this incident)
  11. IRT Bronx Express

    Bus Stories

    Bad trip from last year: There was this Bx15 BO that intentionally ran the bus so slow for no reason. What was once an 18 minute trip became double, and this other passenger berated him for that. Bad trips from this year: Inconsistent Bx15 LTD BOs. Either they came in early than scheduled or they ran late. I hated it. Excellent trips from last year: I wish I saw the first scheduled Bx41 SBS BO, he was always on point, period.
  12. IRT Bronx Express

    Bx9 SBS Study

    I personally believe that both the Bx9 and the Q44 need to be rerouted away from Boston Road. It's so bothersome that the Bx21 and Bx36 buses have to put up with that puny lane while both the Bx9/Q44 have to make that left turn, thus delaying service even more. I would rather send both buses to East 180 St, then turn at Morris Park Avenue then Tremont and then Devoe Ave. This problem IMO should be rectified first. Oh, and just like Westchester Square, I would ban any left turns for those heading towards west.
  13. IRT Bronx Express

    The (M) Shuttle

    Excellent shuttle pics
  14. IRT Bronx Express

    A Random Assortment (Subway) #5

    Fabulous pics


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