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  1. Just a follow up......the woman told me not to worry about bringing in my hs diploma.....turns out, i will need it when im called back......from what the last woman i saw at the front desk where i handed in my paperwork, "you will be called in as little as 6 days to take the medical......they seemed to think everything is moving along fairly quickly........can anyone confirm what the highest list number in schoolcar now is?
  2. Hey Everyone......finally got my letter to come in tomorrow.....I wanted to post my info as well as inform everyone thats waiting what they all want to know......this forum has been very helpful and fun to read since pain-staking wait was underway since the test was take over three years ago, lol......here is my info..... My list is #486 Received letter past Friday to go to Brooklyn for what reads like a hearing and possible vision test? No mention of drug test but after all i have read i will assume its happening tomorrow, 12/12/12....7:30 am in business casual attire. Was also told that i obviously wont make the december school car but can possibly make one in january as per the nice lady who picked up the phone when i called the number on the letter. I could not find my social security card but requested a new one at the ss office....theyre everywhere.....its free and you just need to bring ur licence to get one. It will take two weeks but ask them for the form showing you requested it and you will be good for mta when you go. They told me not to worry about a hs diploma so i wont bring it....(i hope she was right as i couldnt find mine). I hope all my info helps everyone. It always suprised me how everyone took steps in the process and never identified what list # they were.....probably the most important info for everyone else on here..... I have a few questions for everyone if i may ..... Im assuming if you wear glasses that wont go against you? correct? If i paid a ticket for smoking a cigarette on a subway about 25-27 years ago do i have to check yes on question #2 ? if i do check yes....what do i need to do if i dont remember the details? does anyone know right now what is the highest list # that made it to the last school car scheduled which is next week? is it 40 pwer school car class? if so and im guessing apporximately 250-275 was the last # called for this schoolcar......whats the best guess on when my list #486 will get in? Just trying to schedule my life that will be turned upside down now, lol. And finally.......what can i expect as far as a schedule for schoolcar? evenings? weekends? rotating times? Anything anyone can provide to help with my questions would be greatly appreciated !!! I will certainly provide step by step details on everything i will go through going forward....good luck to all !!!
  3. i wanted to know if everyone on the list that passed teh exam got this letter or just people with low list #'s ....?????? My # is 480 something, not sure of the exact......i will feel a little better if only those below 1000 or 500 got one.........why would the city bother sending a letter out if they werent even close to hiring process (maybe within a year??). Any input on the higher that 500, 750 or 1000 list # and whether or not you got this letter would be appreciated......see all you guys at the train operator picnic one day!!! Good luck everyone !!!

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