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  1. Ok I see. This order is just specifically designed to replace the R44. That is understandable. Thank you for helping me understand. The R44 was in terrible condition. The R42s are atrocious. Sadly those great cars have seen better days. In regards toThe R32 it is showing its age but Its a proven work horse. That is why I was saying it could still do 6 yrs of service.
  2. I would like to know in the future are these cars going to be 60' or 75'? When the time arrives to replace equipment lets say the R46 it should be 75'. After all the adjustments they have made in our tunnels. Its only right. I also feel that we really do not need these cars yet. At least not for another 6-7 years. Last time I checked were broke. I think thats why they keep pushing it back. There is nothing wrong with our R46s and R32. What is wrong is that they junked alot more cars than they needed to. Which I am not surprised that they did. A lot of R32s should of been kept that way they could of junked the 42s that are in the Eastern Division. These are my thoughts on the situation.
  3. Lol Your right I still wonder how long will it take them. R188s will be interesting but i just feel that not a priority.
  4. Im not to familiar how they do things. Last time I checked. I thought they were broke. They are geting new buses and now new cars??? Can someone please enlighten me? I believe that the R62A's from the 7 run fine. They line runs frequently though. I just feel that those 87 Million can be used to finally complete the 2ed Ave subway or help finish it. I just don't think that it is feasable to buy new cars when the ones we have work fine. 2ed Ave Subway is far more important.

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