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  1. wow they chopped a bunch of the N20L morning westbound
  2. so is the new schedule really a cutback or better? opinions
  3. people still are away.....perhaps next week is a better test when things settle in. Dec 30 was a light bus load when i was on it. sorry if its repeated, but this new schedule seems to be less service on the n20/n21
  4. this change continues to be out of whacked for my day #3 n20/n21 in flushing at about 5:40pm (4/10) yesterday, a whopping FIVE buses came in a 3 minute span. My bus had 4-5 people on the whole bus all the way. This morning 7am westbound was strange too. The two scheduled bus nevered showed up. The next bus came early and waited at the gn lirr station for 12 min. Then the bus was packed to the door
  5. n20 bus came on time today at 6:23am but did a screeching stop to pick me up. Got to work at 7:20am. Yesterday was 8am....a rather big diff in time which can be frustrating.
  6. is NICE really on the new schedule? the very early morning n20/n21 was all out of whacked. buses seem appeared to come in 15 min too early or was it 15 min too late.....of course then a bus pile appeared to come in all at once. Traffic can not be the cause as there is very little traffic at about 6am or so. Nothing irritates me more is when there is one bus packed to near overflow while next two buses is almost empty. The other week also pissed me off too. The LTD bus was running late. The bus had a few people on it, it didn't stop as I flagged it down. The driver waved his hand for the bus behind me. The bus behind me was packed full of people & made more stops. I should have called to complained the driver, it is unexcusable not to make your stops if he is late or not. /rant
  7. botton line. If NICE is doing this with LESS money than mta, NICE is doing an outstanding job. Overall in my book NICE is getting a solid B- with no budget cut or not considerations. MTA was sort of a C+ overall. As said earlier its marginally better.
  8. As a off & on regular rider of the N20/21, i can make comments about the route. I compared the schedule changes & its not too bad at all. The cuts aren't very noticeable. Minor cuts on the limtied. Some adjustment on lengthening the route or shortening it. The current schedule is out of whacked a little imo. I noticed sometimes there isn't enough buses and other times 2-4 buses comes at once which is annoying to say the least. Its combination of scheduling issues & delays causing all this. Weekend schedule seem to be an increase in service. I notice the lenghening its routes as well.

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