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  1. Although I don't know much about buses (I've rode them since I was a kid, not their history/type :/), I did some research, so now I can foam/rant =D


    -I hate having Orion V's on the (Q76) (my school bus), because they're a horrible ride, not to mention so much crowding...

    - I like RTS buses, and I'm happy they started running a few 5000 ones on the 76' now, they're quite a smooth ride :)

    -I think the newer buses are OK, with their wider space, but they are quite repetitive to see after a while.


    Hope I got all that right.... whew. :)


    The NovaBuses on the Q76 are for school tripping. I first saw decal #6870 on the Q76 is my route.

  2. I need two Orion VII 3G EPA 2010s in about 10-25 minutes.

    #1 Plain, OUT OF SERVICE, front door is glass, back door is normal - BOX FORM (no round corners)

    #2 It says Orion VII on all sides - Orion form - plain, DEMO, front door is glass, back door is normal - BOX FORM and I need the other buses by tomorrow. :confused::)




  3. Lol! Me to. So how about this. I can make you a CNG unit, bus 1802 for long island bus. The CNG part is NOT hard. Yes?


    Lol, I want it as MTA NYC Bus. Just don't give me a hybrid. Just give me diesel, I don't wanna waste ink because of mistakes. :confused:

  4. About #3, can't number it 6257. That is a number taken by am Orion V. Pick another one.



    Also, I will work on this one tomorrow. A little busy at the moment.



    Ok. Yeah, here's the thing about that. It does not matter if YOU wanna make them in any scheme or depot. The people who made the bus, said NOT to make any fantasy scheme buses. Not trying to be hard on you but nope. you aren't allowed to make fantasy scheme buses. Capiche? Alright.


    Just a Note also to you Deandre, I CALL The new New Flyer buses upon arrival!


    My Orion V paper bus #6257 decal got steped on, so can I please please please have an NG to replace that bus in my scrapyard? PM me all three buses when complete please.

  5. Below are some things to let you know of about your orders:


    Order 1 - Sure

    Order 2 - By back doors, no window, what do you mean?

    Order 3 - Sure BUT because this bus is will be done in the scheme they came in because they did not come in the decal scheme so we can't do a decal scheme unit.


    Please get back to me so I can get started.


    -Nicholas Persaud.


    Order 2 - Their are no top windows. Its just a door.

  6. Three Orion VII NG Diesels please :

    1) Plain, NOT IN SERVICE, front door is glass, back door is normal.

    2) Green, messed up dest. sign, front and back door has no windows.

    3) Decal scheme, NEXT BUS PLEASE, both doors are glass.

    Thank you!


  7. Lol I figured a good idea:

    1. They vandalize our subway cars with spray paint and more.

    2. We pay to clean the subway cars.

    3. We raise the price on spray paint and other vandalizing material.

    4. They buy everything and become broke.

    5. They vandalize again.

    6. We pay more.

    7. They pay alot more.

    8. They have no money to buy it.

    9. WE SAY YAY!



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