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Subway Bullet Screensaver


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I suppose a screensaver would count as a work of art. ;)


This screensaver randomly displays subway service bullets (like (1), (A), and <Q>) that fly by from left to right over a black background. You can preview it on Youtube:






I made this over the course of 2 days. It's still missing quite a few features that should be standard in all screensavers (such as a configuration dialog and the ability to preview within the display control panel applet), but the main attraction is there.


You will need the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 and the Microsoft XNA Runtime 3.1 to display the screensaver. If you are running Windows 7, you should have the most updated version of the .NET Framework already; the XNA Framework is all you need to download. For the rest of you, Windows Update should have taken care of uploading the .NET Framework anyway.


The screensaver itself can be downloaded here: http://www.4shared.com/file/157071247/bdc9bb05/Subway_Bullet_Screensaver.html To install, simply run the program and it will extract the files to your Program Files directory (%programfiles%\Iku\Subway Bullet Screensaver\).


Disclaimer: As with all files, please do a thorough virus scan before opening it. VirusTotal offers free online scans. I'm not responsible for the contents once it leaves my computer as it is no longer under my direct control.


Questions or comments should be directed to me via PM or e-mail.

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I like this screensaver a lot, I'm going to use it for my personal computer now.

Thanks! Remember to report any problems to me.


There are a few that I'm already aware of:


  1. The screensaver fails to run automatically on Windows XP/2003 if the current user cannot read/write to the "%windir%\TEMP\" folder. Oddly enough, it runs perfectly when manually executed. This is a problem specific to the framework from the data I've gathered on my system and probably not something I can fix.

  2. The installer does not always install the screensaver properly. This might have something to do with the screensaver's location ("%programfiles%\Iku\Subway Bullet Screensaver\").

  3. (JFK) is missing because I couldn't find any clear photos to accurately reproduce it in Adobe Illustrator. ;)


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