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  1. I wonder when natural selection will kick in and cull all the deer that are dumb enough to walk around rails and highways.
  2. They had to interrupt train service to do this? The goats are on the far south side of the right-of-way in the construction zone.
  3. The MTA is a cash cow. All the parasites inside and outside are leeching off of it—milk, blood, lymph fluids, whatever the MTA has got.
  4. CenSin

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    That’s precisely why I asked about it. I knew I was possible, but who would advocate for that? It made sense for the , and I agree with it because the local portion is in the central business district, which is where rides are originating/destined. Can’t really say the same for those in the residential neighborhoods above 59 Street. Although I would understand if it happened as the Bronx doesn’t really have much political clout. The MTA would be screwing over people who have very long rides working the graveyard shift. That’s obviously not what I advocated for. This is exactly what the is already doing at night—no affected: I don’t know if that is true. The current scenario has the clocking in at 1 hour and 6 minutes per trip, while the clocks in at 1 hour and 28 minutes per trip. That’s given the current service plan where the is Broadway local, via bridge, and the is Broadway local, via tunnel. Suppose the switch I advocated for was implemented. Going by the run times, we get: Broadway local, via tunnel, Brighton local: 1 hour and 17 minutes (11 minutes more than current) 9 minutes from 96 Street to to 57 Street–7 Avenue (no change) 13 minutes from 57 Street–7 Avenue to Canal Street (no change) 21 minutes from Canal Street to Atlantic Avenue–Barclays Center (11 minutes more) 30 minutes from Atlantic Avenue–Barclays Center to Coney Island–Stillwell Avenue (no change) Broadway local, via bridge, 4 Avenue express: 1 hour and 10 minutes (18 minutes less than current) 17 minutes from Astoria–Ditmars Boulevard to 57 Street–7 Avenue (no change) 13 minutes from 57 Street–7 Avenue to Canal Street (no change) 10 minutes from Canal Street to Atlantic Avenue–Barclays Center (11 minutes less) 30 minutes from Atlantic Avenue–Barclays Center to Coney Island–Stillwell Avenue (7 minutes less) If the continued running 4 Avenue local anyway, its run time would be cut down to 1 hour and 17 minutes—exactly that of the . So what is the real problem?
  5. CenSin

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    How would that service pattern be implemented? DeKalb Avenue would have no 6 Avenue service at all at night if the skipped it.
  6. CenSin

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    You could say the same for the , no? The running 4 Avenue local is the same run time as the running Brighton local from Coney Island to Atlantic Avenue. The running to Astoria also takes longer than the running to 96 Street. All is in favor of cutting run time off the and shifting it to the ; the shift would make both routes closer together in run time.
  7. CenSin

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    My buying a home east of Forest Hills is contingent on 24/7 express service. I’m sure those who are already living there would fight fangs and claws for continued express service. Anywhere that is 40 minutes away from the core (34 Street) by local service should have express service where redundant routes make it possible. Examples: along 7 Avenue (north of 34 Street–Penn Station) for the Bronx along Lexington Avenue (north of Grand Central–42 Street) for the Bronx along Eastern Parkway for Brooklyn along Central Park West for the Bronx along Queens Boulevard (east of Forest Hills–71 Avenue) over Manhattan Bridge and along 4 Avenue for southeastern Brooklyn ( via tunnel)
  8. CenSin

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    Operationally, the MTA might be forced to make such a move due to ridership pressures. I only wonder if the MTA is legally obligated to build the other 2 phases first before moving onto the Bronx.
  9. I wonder if the shutdown will spur any additional development along the . That could put the into a more favorable position if the ridership can sustain it after the is back in service to Manhattan.
  10. CenSin

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    With this new plan, I believe we have a reasonable guarantee that either of two things happen after the completion of phase 2: 2 Avenue is extended further towards the west side with an eventual 3-track terminal or an intervening station with a middle track. 2 Avenue is extended into the Bronx to 3 Avenue as far as the and station. I believe that despite the theoretical terminal capacity of any 2 Avenue station, there will be inefficiencies that bring it much lower. I need not name those inefficiencies; you’re all familiar with them. Therefore, the line must gain extra tracks for turning back trains by splitting it into a Bronx branch (adding 2 extra tracks) or adding a third track after the completion of phase 2 by further extension west. This all hinges on the idea that subway usage will see a net growth despite ride sharing, biking, and SBS. Lexington Avenue and 2 Avenue will pick up a lot of passengers.
  11. I wonder how this factors into property values. If a property with transit access is near a VIP route () as opposed to one that gets truncated or put out of service whenever the opportunity arises (), would the value be higher? because it gets reduced to a long shuttle between Harlem and Penn Station and the ever-present possibility of it being eliminated entirely at night if the MTA ever experiences a budget crunch again because it becomes a short shuttle at night because it is all-around neglected
  12. CenSin

    Public Meetings for Phase 2 of SAS Begin

    With the height of the tunnel, you could do a crossover.
  13. Those who propose ridiculous service patterns like using Broadway–Lafayette Street to get to Williamsburg from 8 Avenue (, , , or whatever)… take heed. The are like 10 T.P.H. or less each, and today there was a backlog of trains all the way to Fort Hamilton Parkway () at 8:35 AM in the morning. Such merging shouldn’t be done even for emergency reroutes, and the MTA now wants to use it for regular rush hour service? Crazy. Good thing I have the and . If I passed out on one of those trains during rush hour, I’d tell the emergency responders too: “o ot esuscitate—tired of this shit show.”
  14. CenSin

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Think a lower level could be possible? There may or may not be room to build a ramp down to a lower level, and then there is the question of ducking under the Bay Ridge branch cutting across Nostrand Avenue perpendicularly south of the station.
  15. CenSin

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    God damn it. I was talking dirty and didn't get the chance to use this: “my train is 10 cars long and B-division width. 😏” F.Y.I, this started out with “i love exploring tunnels” and ended with “is your train ready?” My follow-up remark would've been lost on her.


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