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  1. I use that only to transfer between the and . There’s no other reason to use it otherwise. I’ve tried that whole walking transfer thing… too much work to be practical. Nobody will use it. If I read the original proposals correctly, the alignment of the 63 Street tunnel had several alternatives. One of them was avoided to not introduce vibrations to sensitive scientific equipment, but I don’t recall which one that was. 61 Street might have been the best alignment. Tunneling straight across to Queens would have allowed for a station underneath both Queensboro Plaza and Queens Plaza, creating a nice station complex that would serve 4 Manhattan-Queens crossings and 2 Queens trunks. There’d be easy transfers between the . In Manhattan, all but the and would also have transfer opportunities to the (but in that alternate reality, the would probably be routed along 61 Street along with the to ease crowding).
  2. What a day for the 6 Avenue Line. Earlier at 5 PM, trains were terminating at 2 Avenue, holding up the . The problem was also DeKalb Avenue. Luckily for the , they detoured around the problem via Montague Street.
  3. I mean, it’s not really a 2 Avenue route either, but it goes there anyway.
  4. Even Chambers Street is a better option. Everyone who needs the additional options gets shafted by having only the . Good forbid they also do those unidirectional reroutes of the via Cranberry Street.
  5. Uhh… Are these two distinct problems or one problem with the wrong station names?
  6. Off-topic, but this reminded me of the days when I worked at a Reading is Fundamental (RIF) site. I would be unpacking boxes of assorted (and brand new) books for distribution to kids. When I had the time, I would sit atop one of the boxes in the storage room and read one of the books myself. Good old days…
  7. The mentality of antiquity seems to be “build it and they will come.” (Construction is cheap.) In contrast, the modern mentality seems to be “let’s wait until everybody has made the area very valuable before we give it any attention.” (Construction breaks world records for costs.)
  8. Wow. That broken rail on the Central Park West might have screwed up service on the Culver southbound too. All those trains that were not coming caused some crazy crowding on the first that showed up at 5:27 PM. Looking back at the plots, I noticed that they are not very accurate. The was held at Spring Street for 8 minutes. It wasn’t in the tunnel between Canal Street and Spring Street for that long. There was no train in the station at Broadway–Lafayette Street despite the countdown clock reading “0 minutes.” The data here is also not accurate. Notice the number of Coney Island–Stillwell Avenue-bound trains that go express. That express track got a lot of exercise today. I was on the train that got to Coney Island–Stillwell Avenue at 6:16 PM since I missed the 5:13 PM at Broadway–Lafeyette Street. What’s interesting is that train supervision has made a habit of holding that particular train at Kings Highway right up to the scheduled departure time if the trains behind are delayed or bunched up. Usually, the Kings Highway-bound that was 5 minutes ahead at Broadway–Lafayette Street catches up for a cross-platform transfer.
  9. Not sure what's going on on the . Been holding at Spring Street since 5:08 PM. Conductor says someone's holding the door in the rear. But the door closed down at 5:10 and the train is still not moving at 5:13! Is the door mechanism faulty or is some a**hole having a contest with the conductor? The platform is already filling up with be people again. EDIT: the doors reopened again at 5:15 PM and a bunch of people got on. It's 5:16 and now we're finally moving. Bleeker Street was really crowded at 5:17. Broadway–Lafayette, meanwhile, has it's open problems southbound: service is delayed. I'm guessing now is a very good time to apply that rule… gonna take the pulling in at 5:27 even if it's all local. Slipped in just barely. Had a pissed woman right behind me who didn't make it. The “sardine can” analogy shines brightly here. The went express from Jay Street–MetroTech to Church Avenue (5:42–5:52) and resumed local stops from there.
  10. Does nothing but lengthen the train announcements and ink on printed maps… real productive state legislature there.
  11. I wonder if the provisions were left in place to put in 4 tracks later anyway. The design of some express stations is telling. There is clearly extra space for another track based on the asymmetrical widths of the platforms such as at 145 Street.
  12. CPW, unfortunately, does not seem to be on the horizon for CBTC.
  13. Socialize all the things! Even if you're ahead of the problem, you're not out of the woods yet. A few weeks ago, our was held at Kings Highway until the Kings Highway-bound caught up to us at 5:48 PM. I was going to rant at the idiocy until I checked the times for the next Coney Island-bound trains… they were about half an hour behind.
  14. I'm not sure you understand the concept of “playing the long game.”
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