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  1. Unfortunate that there is no direct transfer between the 7 Avenue local and Lexington Avenue express anywhere along the line…
  2. Interesting view… so some neighborhoods have high crime precisely because police are not present? Would that have anything to do with bad neighborhoods staying bad because police forces prefer not to be around?
  3. They had no problem doing a – northern terminal swap for a GO. That can't be the reason. Passengers don't know anything about operational peculiarities nor care. It's like those manual announcements the conductors where the conductor references the IND or BMT. It's all totally lost on the average straphanger. Wouldn't hurt to just have the nomenclature make sense.
  4. The alphabet is a rich tapestry of history. At the very least, we don’t have the added on history of diacritical marks like the French, Czechs, Turkish, Vietnamese, etc.
  5. Looks pretty reasonable. Not sure if your post content reflects what the map is depicting, but the map certainly shows something logistically sensible. Whether commuters will raise their pitchforks over the loss of one-seat trips remains to be seen.
  6. I usually say “follow the money.” But anyone with an agenda on NYCTF is just nuts. There’s 0 power, 0 political influence here. So I say, carry on. I’ll work on my spreadsheet of food supplies and currency/investments. Rationing the **** out of every thing in inventory. Not gonna trust the current governments to get the right things done. Don’t know what’s going to come ahead. I like to say: “Plan for the worst; but hope for the best.” The worst plan is no plan at all.
  7. I’m at least graceful enough to understand when my job provides no value to the organization… I’ll step up and offer to fill in for things that I know they need instead which I have the skills to do.
  8. Consider that you can reach anyone in the world in at most 6 hops (with some rare exceptions). It’s also called “6 degrees of separation.” Also consider how much physical contact people share. The virus is now considered to be easily spread by people who do not even show symptoms of being infected. Learn a few things from zombie apocalypse movies. It takes just one bite. You let that healthy-looking ****** in the safety zone, you’re gonna regret it once the conditions for zombification are met (he dies). Of course, some selfish pricks are going to be in denial, secure compound be damned. I heard flights are cheap. Perhaps Florida’s beach parties are your calling.
  9. I'll confirm that. I'm a health care worker. We will shut down without a doubt if public transportation goes. People don't really drive here and can't keep 6 feet apart inside a shared personal vehicle, so that's not going to be an alternative.
  10. I plan to sit out if we get a Biden–Hillary combo. In a situation like that, we need Trump to bring more despair to the country, because obviously the Democrats will not have learned their lesson.
  11. In any case, our coworkers have decided to travel in packs or at least pairs. I have also considered arming myself. We don’t have a great mental health system so there are all these crazy people out there, and Asians are particularly vulnerable.
  12. I think we’re f****d if Biden wins over Sanders. We get 2016 all over again as disillusioned young Democrats wonder why this happened again. But there are a lot of variables at play: Economic depression taints Trump’s current presidency—something he most definitely can’t pin on Obama. Economic measure like free money quells the populace’s anger—the bread-and-circus trick of the ancient Romans. CoViD 19 kills off the Republican voting base before November—which shouldn’t be too hard as Faux news just told them “Chinese virus = Democrat manufactured hoax” just two weeks ago. Democrats will turn out at the voting booths just to ensure Trump does not get reëlected. Given his inflammatory actions for the past 4 years, this could an incredible motivating force whether the candidate is Biden, zombie Andrew Yang, or even Hillary.
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