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  1. CenSin

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    If the 60 Street tubes are down (and Lexington Avenue/59 Street isn’t always an option to turn back trains), all those trains are going to get rerouted to 2 Avenue. It’s better that some station is there to catch that traffic and turn it around than to force it all the way to 125 Street or Jamaica (via the bypass). I have my doubts that 125 Street can handle all the traffic. Of course, if the bypass connector becomes one of those expendable parts of the system, we may see the MTA shutting down bypass service every time there is an incident to turn 72 Street lower level into a terminal for the extra Broadway or 6 Avenue trains. It would probably have been better to build what was originally planned and just leave the lower level as 2 tracks. When making this diagram, I took into consideration the engineering complexity of hollowing out another level and building the ramps to the lower level. One of the considerations was the depth of the tunnel and width of the street above.
  2. CenSin

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    I use Adobe Illustrator. It’s good for arbitrary drawings. But for the long term, I can see myself writing software specifically for rendering these types of diagrams. There is a lot of boilerplate work that goes into making one of these (at least the ones that I do): creating the styles for different kinds of tracks (ramps, lower levels, lower lower levels, etc.) creating track segments (switches, curves, platform tracks—which I make exactly 2 inches in length in most of my diagrams whether they are straight or curved, etc.) adjusting the distance between tracks to remain consistent—even if not to scale coloring the tracks and platforms and adjusting the z-index of every object (so that black lines—or inactive tracks—are covered over by colored lines—the active tracks) when I want to illustrate a specific service pattern A bit of trigonometry also comes into play for connecting curved line segments. If you haven’t learned it well, do your best there. Calculus comes into play for more realistic renderings—those using track transition curves instead of arcs and Bézier curves, but I don’t use them in Illustrator since the software has no support for such advanced curves.
  3. CenSin

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    What does that mean? The R188 trains have low capacity, thus leaving more people on the platforms?
  4. CenSin

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    This was what I meant: Broadway trains can turn using the lower level middle track. There is no interference with any other services. Broadway trains can also go to Queens, and 2 Avenue trains can turn using the lower level middle track. Again there is no interference with any other services.
  5. CenSin

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    Hey, we got a spacious mezzanine and some art out of it.
  6. CenSin

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Just saw the countdown clock at 9 Avenue… the next is in 15 minutes! What poor service.
  7. CenSin

    Weekend Lex Service has been a disaster.

    I’m not complaining… I primarily use the Lexington Avenue Line as a connector to the Broadway–Lafayette Street or 14 Street–Union Square stations from Canal Street. It does suck if you’re using stations in the Bronx though as the shared 2-track segment means much less service for each of the branches.
  8. CenSin

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    You have connections from the southern segment of 2 Avenue to the 79 Street connector. That would imply the possibility of regular service from 2 Avenue to Queens via that connector.
  9. To be fair, 2 Avenue has a lot of capacity to spare. And it’s not as if the doesn’t already merge with the —the point just gets moved up 1 station. It doesn’t require more trains to be put into service to maintain frequencies unlike the extension to Jamaica–179 Street.
  10. CenSin

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    That’s an odd place for a short-turn; it’s after the 63 Street tracks merge with the lower level tracks. For smoother operations, it would make more sense to build the lower level of 72 Street exactly as the original 72 Street station was intended the first time around and have the 63 Street tracks connect to the middle tracks at 72 Street lower level to stay out of the way of through traffic.
  11. CenSin

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Many of the terminals in use today were not intended to be terminals. It’s obvious from the history, expansion plans, and switch arrangements/geometries. Norwood–205 Street () 168 Street () Parkchester () Forest Hills–71 Avenue () Jamaica–Parsons/Archer () Court Square () Euclid Avenue () Crown Heights–Utica Avenue () Prospect Park () Brighton Beach ()
  12. CenSin

    Watered down Freedom Ticket

    If this included Flushing, I would take it in a heartbeat. The LIRR would most definitely beat my other options: → → → → (→ ) → → → (→ ) → → → → → (→ ) → → → → → → → → → (→ ) → → → LIRR → → → LIRR → → I’m pretty opportunistic. If there is a train across the platform that I think will save me a minute, I’m transferring (after looking for the green light, of course).
  13. CenSin

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    It’s pretty obvious why the map does this: each color is a layer in the graphics editor. If a color is over another color at any intersection, it will be so at all intersections.
  14. CenSin

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Missed the 8:04 AM and the next train has been sitting at the station for 15 minutes already. The train should have left at 8:11 AM. The conductor is cursing in her cab… train pulled out at 8:21. Although the conductor was inside the train for over 10 minutes, the FIND display seems to not be set.
  15. CenSin

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    There’s going to be some uncomfortable level of separation between the two, mainly because the walls can’t just be knocked down to open up an expanded mezzanine for additional tracks along the side.


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