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  1. I saw that the next was going to be leaving in 10 minutes, so I ran to the platform. There was a train on track #2 leaving via Brighton. It also ran express. 🙂 I would have been late for my appointment otherwise.
  2. Worse, when you get out of the station on the northbound side, you are farther away than if you had exited from the southbound side.
  3. Looks like the guy got caught with his hands in his (or someone else’s) pants in public
  4. Bankruptcy isn’t a get-out-of-jail-free card, folks. If used, it has severe consequences.
  5. Delays are probably the least of our worries: reckless endangerment assault attempting to throw a woman slashing a man
  6. I’ll tell you a few things that apply to most passengers: Cross-platform transfers wherever possible. Most passengers do not like stairs. If there is another station that can get them the transfer with less physical effort, they will take that opportunity instead. If there is another non-cross-platform transfer that takes less effort and does not incur additional travel, passengers will flock there instead. Express trains versus seats: I feel they are about even. Some passengers will not give up seats for a faster ride. Others will transfer and stand if the ride may be faster. Buses: passengers will not take one unless the subway does not go there and/or the subway route is so circuitous that the bus is faster. Not all subway stations are accessible. The bus may be the only way around if not car service.
  7. A subway nut and a violent thug? That’s a combo that should never see the light of day again. Crowded trains are like ripe opportunities to hurt lots of people.
  8. Similar thing happened on the before. I mentioned it a while back. This isn’t isolated for sure.
  9. The MTA wasn’t getting paid anyway with the amount of fare-beating by teens. This is just a political move by DeBlasio.
  10. I’ve recently decided to take a less laid-back approach to investing my money for retirement by taking a more active approach to investing. My investment objective is high interest gains. The stock market, which everyone should be familiar with, gains about 6~7% annually over the long run (measured in decades), but I feel its return isn't commensurate with the risks involved. More recently, I’ve explored ways to get higher returns with less risk through other means like peer-to-peer lending. I’ve gotten 8% so far through passive means (“set it and forget it”). But the potential for much higher gains is possible for active investors who spend some time curating their securities portfolios by buying and selling then on the secondary market—17~20% or even more. For those wondering why I’m so focused on interest, using this calculator shows just how astonishingly fast money can grow with even just a 1% increment. The chart below has a column for interest rate, and 3 additional columns illustrating the result of 3 scenarios after 30 years of monthly compounding: You start your account with nothing and add $250 every 2 weeks into the account. You start your account with $30,000 and add $250 every 2 weeks into the account. You start your account with $30,000 and do not add any additional money. Not having $30,000 from the get-go doesn’t put the investor at much of a disadvantage. The real jaw-dropper is the difference 1% can make once the interest is in the double-digits no matter what the starting conditions are. If you start a Roth IRA doing any of these, the tax savings will be enormous as none of the money earned will be taxed when it balloons into the millions. So the question is: who here has actually attempted double-digit interest returns with active investing like this? Although I’ve read plenty about it, it doesn’t hurt to hear from people with actual experience.

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