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  1. CenSin

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I got back to the terminal to find 0 trains at the station. Given the delays, I’m guessing the behind us made it all the way to the terminal and got the f**k out before we even showed up.
  2. CenSin

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    train makes it to 36 Street and stalls on the local track. train catches up on the express track. Both trains are held for 5 minutes and I hear the train operator complain that he is already late. The conductor then announces that the will be filing in for the gap in service. The across the platform will be running express. So we wait another 3 minutes for the to crawl out and make express stops. We follow right behind. And now both trains are behind schedule! Anyoneelse think that was a poor decision? A split at 36 Street, a merge, another split before 9 Avenue, and then a merge at Bay 50 Street, and then each train to its own terminal. Sometimes I think Wallyhorse is calling the shots.
  3. CenSin

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Against the law or against MTA policy?
  4. Before long, pigeons will get the royal treatment, followed shortly by rats. It’s like your heart stops pumping blood to let a bacterium cross safely to the other side of the vein.
  5. CenSin

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    May I make a modest proposal: that the crew get to their trains on-time? I was on the Manhattan-bound train during the morning rush, and it was stuck behind a train for 6–7 minutes at Church Avenue. The train was clearly supposed to leave as I could see the green light on at the platform, but people were still coming down the stairs and filling the train. And if the crew isn’t waiting on the platform ready to go, the should stay on the relay tracks where it is out of the way.
  6. The conductors definitely need more training. At DeKalb Avenue on the : “This train is running via the line due to a train with brakes in emergency. The next stop is Atlantic Avenue–Barclays Center on the platform.” At Atlantic Avenue–Barclays center: “This is a Coney Island-bound train via the via the line. The next stop is 36 Street.” Train stops at Union Street… At Prospect Avenue: “The next stop is 36 Str—I mean 25 Street.” At 36 Street: “This train is going express. The next stops are 9 Avenue, 62 Street, Bay Parkway, and Bay 50 Street.” Tell me what you see wrong here. 😉
  7. All the fat people got stuck after taking 3 steps on the stairs.
  8. CenSin

    Off-topic Random Thoughts Thread

    wth... how does the NYTimes do this perpendicular scrolling thing? https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/01/26/opinion/sunday/paths-to-congress.html?
  9. I operate my mini smartphone with one hand. I don't buy into that phablet nonsense that device makers are so eager to push. And this. 15 pounds is not much.
  10. I'm standing on the with 15 pounds of groceries in my hands as I am writing this. I won't even let my shopping bags touch the floor of a train.
  11. Transit in this city is a complete joke with these two clowns in office, and this is no exception. This is some heavy punishment for not picking the fast+quality option. Now they get not-so-fast+poor-quality. And they won’t even save money on the project in the long run given the overhead costs of staging the sites for construction work every night. I’m going to LOL so hard when the very proponents of single-tracking just call for the MTA to get it over with and go with the original plan. With this kind of service, the attractiveness of living along the will still plummet.
  12. You know… As usual, you should understand that there is the MTA definitions and the commuter definitions of what’s good service. Take the numbers with a grain of salt.
  13. They’re going slowly enough that it hasn’t been noticeable to me. The in the vicinity of 36 Street and Atlantic Avenue–Barclays Center is still a sore point. They trains shouldn’t be slowing down at 25 Street and Union Street respectively.
  14. CenSin

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    I think you’re out of date on that. They cut corners again.
  15. Though I’ve pimped out my bedroom, I have a policy of not letting friends or guests in until they strip. You can guess what kind of guests end up inside. 😉 I keep a dirty laundry basket in my room and a change of clothes nearby, and it’s the first place I go when I get home.


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