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  1. York Street has a ✖️ switch south of the station. Totally feasible.
  2. It was all an attempt to be more gender neutral Neutral or biased depending on your inventory of genders. The former announcements acknowledged 2. Short and direct. No extraneous syllables.
  3. TBH, I'd rather have them harass me out in the open rather than on the train. At least out in the open, I can get away to some other place.
  4. Except I was on the when the left Brighton Beach first. Not only did the leave Sheepshead Bay before the even platformed, that two met across the platform at Kings Highway as well.
  5. Or a pidgeon 💩s on his face on the way up.
  6. The these days: * Brighton Beach: Hey, , we’re already leaving. * Sheepshead Bay: *huff* *puff* Why’d you leave us behind? 🥺 * Kings Highway: Oh hi there again! Finally caught up. * Newkirk Plaza: Ahhh! It's gaining on us again!
  7. 3 months since I last used the bus 6.5 months since I last took a train I never thought I'd say this, but if passenger volumes start following a downward trajectory as a result of working-from-home, then the subways should simply be shut off or made part-time. The subway needs the economy to run, but the economy might no longer need the subway to run.
  8. I'm on an out-of-service bus… weird. Not picking up anybody along the way. It's also taking a shortcut (compared to its usual route). Probably going to be my first and last “express” bus ride in a long time.
  9. Speaking of holes, let’s use this hypothetical example: Some kids set off fireworks on your lawn and makes a crater. You are very unhappy about the brown hole on your lawn. Your own kid thinks it would be fun to stand in the hole. You get very angry that your kid’s shoe prints just made the hole deeper …by a few millimeters.
  10. wtf? it takes 10 minutes to even brew a decent cup of coffee! I think it’s endemic to this forum. Anyone wanna place bets on which businesses survive the shake-up?
  11. you've just described the beginning of a death spiral. bad public transit, not enough road capacity work from home trends restaurants and other peripheral businesses go bust commercial properties decline, and tax revenues dry up making the MTA too poor to run service return to #1
  12. couldn't this be merge with the other thread?
  13. How much of 40% would that even represent? Those routes are a drop in the bucket.
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