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  1. trains will be running via Sea Beach Manhattan-bound. The terminal tracks 3 and 4 are totally empty.
  2. Couldn’t they dig the center portions between the tracks a little deeper since the MTA always seems to be short on storage space?
  3. CenSin

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Hey! You can't just send anyone. There is a specific position for clearing out tree branches from local tracks—and another one for clearing tree branches from express tracks. Just what the union demanded for it's workers.
  4. CenSin

    New Subway Route Bullets

    I don’t know if my input is too late now, but SVG has been a thing for a while. Those 15-by-15 images are too pixelated for high-density screens. The diamond bullets should also have a square size than circle bullets—preferably by adding a transparent 1px zone around the circle bullets. That balances out their visual weight. The and are a good example, but the and are bad examples.
  5. CenSin

    Off-topic Random Thoughts Thread

    Good God… I go to Atlantic Avenue’s Target and I see a group of young adults just stealing things from the Halloween area. One of them takes a bag of jolly ranchers from the shelf, rips it open, puts one in his mouth, and lets the rest fall to the floor. I tell my sister about it and she calls me a racist for mentioning it. The extreme left has ushered in an era of self-censorship and doublethink.
  6. I don’t know how prevalent claustrophobia is. But assuming a claustrophobic’s point of view would be about as biased as titling a piece Peanut Poisoning Kills Five because some people are allergic to peanuts and that should justify exaggerating their deadliness. What kind of intensifying phrase do we turn to when something really serious goes down? Selina Gomez’s bikini photos are “brave.” Apple removing the headphone jack is “courageous.” Justin Beiber is a “hero.” This semantic shift is ridiculous.
  7. “Hellish?” We have such low standards for Hell here.
  8. CenSin

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    Did I hear wrong? The conductor on the (N) told people to transfer to the 96 Street-bound (M) at 34 Street–Herald Square due to a truncation of (Q) service?
  9. CenSin

    LIRR Third Track Project

    The saving grace is that there will be another track to route around incidents and to provide reverse-peak service. But otherwise, this design fails the capacity goal mentioned in the document.
  10. CenSin

    LIRR Third Track Project

    I took a look at the track map proposals for this project. Can anyone tell me how these flat junctions make any sense? It looks worse than the flat junction at Myrtle Avenue and 145 Street.
  11. CenSin

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    That track map needs clarifications in some areas. The junction by the East River linking 6 Avenue and 2 Avenue to Williamsburg is very messy-looking.
  12. With the MTA as it is currently, it could be a blessing that that aren’t talking about it. Wait for more competent leadership and labor reforms so that they don’t bungle the project with huge bills and crap construction.
  13. Someone slap @Wallyhorse so that he knows this isn’t a dream.
  14. The keyword being “a” because just one connection would not be enough. Multiple endpoints sprinkled in the vicinity of the center would be better for dispersing the crowds.


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