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  1. CenSin

    Second Avenue Subway Discussion

    I thought about this post while remodeling my man cave. I had provisioned extra raceways for cables under the floor to parts of my room that have no hardware to connect to at the moment, and the extra provisioning was costly. There may not be any hardware until 2020 or 2021. Or I may move to another city. But the thing is, my investment is reusable. Should I move, I can pack up the interlocking carpet tiles, the rubber tiles, and the cable raceways and install it into my new home without losing any of my investment. They will serve their original purpose no matter the outcome. The MTA has an absolute right to withhold money from things that it does not think will be useful in the foreseeable future. With the track record of SAS being the way it is, phase 3 and beyond are best left untouched. Nobody has a timeline for finishing the job. And money that is available should be allocated to things that can demonstrate utility. We all know how that Chinatown segment of SAS will not be used in the current plans. Or maybe they may. But as far as a mind-eye can see, it may be a multi-million dollar storage cave forever.
  2. CenSin

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    They're making announcements over the loudspeaker about and trains running with delays due toa switch malfunction in Manhattan. But the website does not mention it. It's all good service…
  3. CenSin

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    They’re noticeably different to me—especially around Newkirk Plaza.
  4. Where are the open source alternatives to these things? Vendor lock-in and system incompatibilities were so Microsoft-era.
  5. CenSin

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Fall leaves again? This happens every year. They slow down trains to prevent slipping on leaves.
  6. Finally, I don’t have to stick my head out to tell the stupid customer to shut up and let the train leave the station. Those minuets add up especially in the core where the most people stop conductors for directions. I tell them to talk to the intercom or find a station agent since they have no work to do anyway.
  7. CenSin

    Abysmal intervals on the (A) train?

    lol. You think the (A) train is the only one that gets this crap? (N) trains go missing all the time at the height of rush hour. Scheduled trains from the terminal don’t show up like the clock says.
  8. All the evidence was burned.
  9. I don't think the volume of swipe beggars are even a drop in the bucket for the subway crowding issues.
  10. Overspeeding? That's pretty daring. A lot of operators don't even speed.
  11. CenSin

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    It's also often self-inflicted. I’m on a and at Church Avenue (3:16 PM), it stalls for 5 minutes to let a catch up. At Parkside Avenue (3:22 PM), it stalls for another 3 minutes as it waits for the up ahead to clear the area. The next is scheduled to arrive in just 3 minutes and the train ahead of mine is now 10 minutes ahead. I don't understand why the MTA sometimes cause bunching of trains deliberately. It's counter to the party line that tells the public it's the fault of signals, mechanical malfunctions, sick passengers, and door holding. And now at DeKalb Avenue (3:34 PM), there is a 96 Street-bound via Sea Beach plowing through the station while we are held again. Unlike the conductors and train operators who are paid to operate the trains, we don't get paid to commute on them. These dispatchers just waste everybody's time sometimes.
  12. Normally, I’d just say to screw the counties that want to withdraw, but there does need some accountability for the length of time it takes to install positive train control. A decade is way too long.
  13. Well, think of the boon to all the riders downstream! But first, that shutdown is going to make it hell if Amazon brings in employee traffic in the same time frame. Depending on where in Long Island City, this could be very bad for the which are already very crowded. If Broadway gets sucked in, it will have a very hard time maintaining its current service patterns as it would have to provide high throughput for both Queens and the Upper East Side. But realistically, how much of a burden will this place on the subway?
  14. Anyone got a good picks to replace Cuomo? Molinaro is off my list. Cutting taxes? That is not going to get a lot of needed public services (like transportation) in working order. Sharpe does not deal with any issues that really concern me. Miner has some good talking points. Data-driven allocation of money to infrastructure is a good direction to go. Hawkins talks about controlling rent, taxing the rich, and making state/city colleges tuition-free. However, he also talks about desegregating schools, which could be iffy depending on the implementation details. Lowering the bar for entry is a no-go, for example. For lieutenant governor: Hochul says, “I’ve been helping elect Democrats my entire life.” And that’s my bullshit sensor going off right there. Hollister wants to reduce tax burden. He comes with Sharpe. Volpe wants to fix the MTA, although he is primarily based in suburban Westchester. I doubt he has any experience what New Yorkers actually go through in the subway. But he comes as a pair with Miner. For attorney general: Garvey is nuts. James is not nuts. I don’t know too much about judges.
  15. Bike lanes are pretty well-used. I think us bikers have a problem with drivers and pedestrians using them too.


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