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  1. Rockaway Beach Branch

    Oh. So like a Christmas ornament? Tell me more about why money should be sunk into it.
  2. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    You’re on meth. I can’t understand a word of that blurb.
  3. Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Hospitals, schools, Wall Street, casinos, race tracks, and now museums? I understand that those things are all important to you, but it’s highly suspect when you say that there are enough regular folks doing all of that to warrant bending service for that crowd. And why not send trains to Broad Street, where it will obviously do less harm while providing more options?
  4. The switches will fit (not arguing that), but is there enough of a buffer zone for a pocket track to be viable? Knowing the MTA to be safety-crazed, would they allow another train to be so close to the switch while another crosses up ahead?
  5. Any high-speed switches there are going to be a tight fit. They are double the length of regular switches.
  6. Enhanced Station Initiative

    ESI: We’re going to put this nice art sculpture right here. ADA: We’re going to drill an elevator shaft right above the art sculpture. King Cuomo: We need more countdown clocks! *has another installed right behind and obscured by the elevator* Do people want to support rigid separation of responsibilities or common sense?
  7. Metrocard Phase Out

    He just wants to have his own special little room where he is poster #1 and everyone is swinging to his tune.
  8. Rockaway Beach Branch

    And what is that factor?
  9. Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    If those transfers were really important, the most logical option would be to extend it to Broad Street, which grants the (compared to today’s service) access to 10 routes in Manhattan on a normal weekend instead of just 1. Comparisons of proposals: Delancey Street–Essex Street (1 line, 1 route) West 4 Street–Washington Square (3 lines, 6 routes) Chambers Street (3 lines, 7 routes) Broad Street (5 lines, 10 routes) The long-term solution might just be to connect Bowery to Grand Street should the MTA not be inclined to extend the that far.
  10. Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    There are switches just north of 169 Street as well…
  11. Enhanced Station Initiative

    Maybe they should reopen the station entrances at 61 Street and 104 Street first to ease the pain of having to walk extra?
  12. Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    I’ve seen sources quote 63 TPH or more (total) elsewhere. But that’s probably before accounting for political/legal/management-said-so issues.
  13. Natural is not an indication of healthfulness, and neither is artificial an indicator of toxicity. Maybe point out the specific ingredients?
  14. Rockaway Beach Branch

    The would be overwhelmed because the more attractive transfer at 74 Street–Broadway would no longer exist. Those folks would be transferring at 61 Street–Woodside to the train using the bypass line which might be nice because the line will have lots of capacity, but it will also incite protests by various stakeholders. I’m sure if they had a say, they would insist on adding express platforms to 74 Street–Broadway.
  15. https://arstechnica.com/cars/2018/02/the-boring-company-gets-a-permit-to-dig-up-washington-dc-parking-lot/ Let private corporations build them for cheaper, and have them automated out of the hands of unions. I think this will be cheaper than any government project that requires an endless list of requirements like buying locally, using local union labor and so forth.


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