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  1. Passing over the Sea Beach line… apparently there's an R160 train on the southbound local track at New Utrecht Avenue.
  2. How do you measure the cost of a problem or value of a solution? Man-hours saved? Economic output? Time efficiency?
  3. It would help clear out a conga line of trains when things like this happen on a daily basis. I heard the 125 Street terminal was being reduced to 2 tracks? What would replace that?
  4. I can't help but think that the MTA only asks for a transfusion of money from the feds because it fully expects the vampires to [metaphorically] drain a third of its bodily fluids.
  5. Broadway Express / via 4 Avenue Express / to 9 Avenue
  6. I’m compass-challenged. Although I can always find my way to places like a homing pigeon.
  7. The east side has the , , , , and (partially) in that scenario, but the west side will still only have the , , and (partially) . Running the in stead of the would balance the east and west sides at night with the amount of service. The east side isn’t exactly bursting at the seams with subway service while the 7 and 8 Avenue lines practically tie at the neck, hip, and feet.
  8. Going by the title, you’d think it’s the gender of the attacker that’s female. A serial female attacker on the other hand…
  9. As in Star Wars: “to boldly go where no man has gone before!” Since it’s CBTC, I’d assume that the algorithm is adjustable within the safety parameters?
  10. What a great place to have a festival… large crowd, limited ability to get in and out of the island… I hope they had security tight. That sounds like a terrorist’s wet dream.
  11. I usually check from the middle. The lights are pretty bright. Blockage is rare as long as you're not at the end of the train.
  12. I think… that the Utica Avenue line will be a huge cost no matter what it connects to. From what I've read so far: 1. Eastern Parkway: you have to build a flying junction—and no, deinterlining will definitely not fly in this century, because everyone feels entitled. 2. Fulton Street: it will be a huge reverse-trunk structure with the Cranberry Street tunnel supporting Utica Avenue, Lefferts Boulevard, and the Rockaways. I don't know what the ridership is like for the , but that kind of split doesn't look good. 3. South 4 Street: ha! On the other hand, if they connected to the Fulton Street line, then they could take that Eastern Parkway junction out of service to reconfigure while funneling people east into the Utica Avenue line as a temporary alternative.
  13. I find it quite worrisome that the often proposed solution to an abstract problem (corruption, costs too high, etc.) is to compromise physically. There's nothing physically insurmountable. This is all about humans and greed. There should be no compromise on mode of transportation. Efforts must be turned towards the corruption and NIMBYs.
  14. What happened to the good old days with the militias and everybody had a rifle (like Switzerland does currently)? Everyone would be civil in that kind of environment. No allergenic furballs, hooligans, pole dancers, panhandlers, etc.

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