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Some Off Topic Questions


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I am curious I have noticed a few things in a few photos and was hoping someone can give me some information.

1. On the Artic buses I see this large flap right in front of the front wheels going all way across just curious if thats there for any reason.

2. I notice the buses have 2 headlights and some use the outter lights and some inner and I live in ct but never see Ctransit use there inner bulbs. Is there any reason

3. Running artic's in NYC isnt that very hard esp snice cars, people dont move very fast or give buses any room It seems they have alot of artics.

4. And finally do drivers just drive whatever bus is in there depot or are the buses assigned based on route type and area of driving I know NYCMTA has a boatload of buses and types of buses.

I searched for most answers but was not really able to so am sorry if I repeat anyone. (off side are the Highriding RTS still running strong or there going away fast -Disney transport has alot I love riding those type

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1. I think I know what you are talking about, but I don't know why that is there.

2. I think what you mean by the inner headlights are the high beams. Some bus operators have them on.

3. ???

4. I think buses are assigned to drivers.

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