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Any interlocking switches being redone?


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Are any interlocking signals/switches being replaced for 2010 in South Nassau County or Queens?


I know Valley interlocking was redone and it seems the trains run better.


Any other locations need to be upgraded switch/signal wise? I read somewhere that Jamaica was being upgraded for 2010 but I don't remember where I read that. I know Jamaica Terminal has been redone and Ive seen it from the old to new. But do they still have old mechanical switches in place?

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Jamaica (JAY/HALL/DUNTON) is due for a control system upgrade next summer. In the press conference for VALLEY, LIRR President Williams states that next year will be it.


Once that's done, all interlockings will be electronically controlled. As for switch upgrades, there are more planned for Jamaica. I don't know where else. NECK? (Great Neck)

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