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Yolobus, Unitrans & Others

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The Sacramento Area is host to several transit systems that serve the city of surrounding areas. Here are just a few:


Roseville Transit operates 15 intercity routes in Placer County, California. One of those routes serve as a commuter express service. Perhaps in a ode to Los Angeles Metro, here is a Roseville Transit Gillig in very familiar colors in Downtown Sacramento:



Here, an older Gillig Phantom serves the PM rush service, complete with roll sign:



Perhaps the most interesting of these carriers is Elk Grove Transit (E-Tran) which runs two lines into Downtown. Among their fleet are second hand Flxible Metro E CNGs. Here is two photos of 95-373 before and after dropping off passengers:





Also in Elk Grove’s fleet are Orion V & Orion VII CNGs. Two example of this is Orion VII 08-563 & 98-606 pictured on inbound AM & PM commuter service:





Another transit system that has service into Sacramento is Yolobus, which operates through Yolo county, western Sacramento County, northeastern Solano County & Downtown Sacramento. Yolobus is the only system that provides service to the Sacramento International Airport and Cache Creek Casino Resort. Yolobus fleet consists of 50 CNG buses, mostly Orion Vs, Orion VII First Generation and Next Generation buses as well as a small batch of NABI 40LFW CNG Buses, and 10 paratransit vehicles.


Route 241 is a rush hour express route serving West Sacramento and entering into Downtown Sacramento. On this day, it is operated by an unknown Orion V, photographed at the entrance to the Westfield Downtown Shopping Plaza:



Orion VII #729 is finishing up a run on Route 240 as it navigate traffic heading towards the State Capital building:



Yolobus Orion VII NC #743 is photographed in the town of Davis, the home to the University of California at Davis on Route 42A, which starts in Davis before hitting Woodland, Sacramento International Airport, then Sacramento:



Unitrans, the transit system for The University of California at Davis is a student operated system that serves several off campus communities and Downtown Davis. As the city of Davis does not operate their own system, Unitrans serves both students who fare is free and commuters whose fare is only a $1 to ride. The fleet is made up of recently delivered New Flyer C40LFRs, Orion V CNGs & three post World War II Double Deckers from Great Britain.


New Flyer C40LFR #4095 is seen leaving Memorial Union, the main Unitrans terminal on Route G serving several off campus apartments:



A perfectly posed 4080 heads to the Silo Shields Terminal on the other side of Memorial Union on Route C:



Before the New Flyers were placed in service, Unitrans ran a mostly Orion operation but now they are in the reserve fleet. Here is Orion V CNG #4173 on Route H leaving among a major student exodus from the campus:





Yolobus Orion VII CNG #732: Cummins C Gas Plus/ZF Ecomat Transmission



Unitrans New Flyer C40LFR #4083: Cummins ISL-G/Allison B400R Transmission



A Pair of Yolobus Orions in Downtown Sacramento:



Unitrans Double Decker & New Flyer:



AEC Regent Double Decker:


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