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(Aus) Train crash driver sacked

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From The Age:


Train crash driver sacked

July 3, 2010


THE driver of the Metro train that crashed into a freight train near Craigieburn station in May has been sacked.


Five people were taken to hospital following the collision on May 4.


A Metro spokeswoman said the driver was dismissed for reasons including failing to comply with operating procedures when he did not stop at a red-light signal, driving above the 25 km/h limit and failing to co-operate with investigations.


The Rail, Tram and Bus Union's locomotive division plans to get legal advice about making a wrongful dismissal claim. The driver has been off sick since the crash.




I do suspect VICERS was the cause of the drivers downfall.


The crash details and Photos:



About the only thing that saved the driver was the fact the Apex had just started to move off.


It's not 570M-1135T-661M first crash. 10 years ago 570M-1135T-(Paired with 569M at the time) were the rear 3 cars of a train that were rear ended by another train(which had 661M as the 3rd car of the consist) at Holmesglen.

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It's a good thing we have trippers and timers to help prevent such an accident.


Just about every single bit of track on Melbournes train system has trips with the signals(About the only section of track that doesn't is Beyond Greensborough but that is protected by Electric staff to Eltham and Staff and ticket from Eltham to Diamond Creek/Hurstbridge. However Diamond Creek has trips)

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