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  1. @ 35: I believe you its just that out of all the times I've been there I never spotted any thugs. Seems like every neighborhood was just as dangerous as the next one "back then".
  2. Didn't take it in a racial way. Just thought he might meant anyone coming from the eastern parts of BK.
  3. True. Some months ago I decided to walk down 18th Av (didn't know too much about the demographic changes then) searching for that Italian vibe-nope. Can't even remember a small Italian business. (No racial discrimination intended.)
  4. @ Shortline: As for SW BK, same can be said with Gravesend and Bensonhurst. Seems to be mostly Asians and Hispanics now. Even took a walk down there myself. *Edit* Scratch Gravesend. Still mostly Italian with a significant increase in Hispanics and Asians.
  5. Kudos to you. I never had the balls to ride the big guy rollercoasters like the Cyclone even thou it's pretty much the same as the Sling Shot. But true, I heard the ride is $20. Add just a few more bucks and I can get me a good-looking American Eagle shirt. Yea, I'm cheap.
  6. Never have I ever seen a "thug" at that station. All I have ever seen were well to do looking people. Never felt worried around there either, never less Coney.
  7. Didn't see photos from you in a while. Well done! Perfect timing with the 1st.
  8. I thought Sea Gate was a gated community. Or is it just a section of Sea Gate?
  9. Just goes to show that sh!t can happen anywhere.
  10. Gotta try this ride. It's one of the new thrillers located in Luna Park, Coney. I heard you lift off around 145 mph.
  11. How about you post photos more often! ...'cause these were sick! Very nice work! :cool: :tup:
  12. I only wish some of our cars would look that gritty... *Edit* Scratch that, the 32s gets the job done in that catergory. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nYuPx5m4SI

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