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Transit Related Posters


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I have a thought of creating a bunch of transit-related posters, and selling them anyhow (on web, on street, through ads - doesnt matter)

But the question is:


Will someone buy it? Who will buy it? And what is the most likable in America.


As I observed, people who live in New York prefer to think about NYC subway and/or nearby transit systems such as LIRR/NJT/MN/Amtrak. Yet very often they are impressed by BART, CTA, SF MUNI etc. You are probably among them.

I think that European Systems are not that popular in USA among modelers. With an exception of Eurostart, TVG, ICE, etc. However I've mentioned some EuroRail Modeling clubs here in New York.


Well, assume we already know what to show, and now I am interested, will ordinary people but transit related poster from a street seller?


I've made another interesting observation that Children want everything. And the smaller they are the more they are eager to get a poster, model. coloring books. I do that stuff and very often they are ripping it from my hands. Maybe because it is free.

CHildren do not care, is it American German and Japanise. That's nice and coloful. And generally speaking, they dont care whether "is it a train or vacuum Tube Radio drawn" too


That's why I will appreciate if you give me a hint on "how can I get out of this labirynth" and start my poster business.


PS here are the examples:




strictly speaking, they are related to the event which will take place tomorrow

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