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Amtrak at NYP


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Amtrak doesn't use straight diesel locomotives when coming into and out of Penn Station. They do however use dual-mode P32AC-DM locomotives which switches over to third rail power when heading into Penn Station. These are used on trains heading to Albany, Montreal, Toronto and Chicago.


Amtrak hasn't served Grand Central Terminal since 1991 IIRC. Currently, Metro-North also uses the P32AC-DM for services to non-electrified territories (Poughkeepsie, Wassaic) from Grand Central.


On an interesting note, when Amtrak did serve Grand Central, trains use to run with both an F40 diesel and an FL9 dual mode, where the F40 was detached from the train at Croton-Harmon I believe and the FL9 alone would continue to take the train down into Grand Central.

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