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  1. Are these your pictures? Where are the exterior pictures at? What do you think of the M8?
  2. I can't wait for the rich mayor to disappear already. He's been nothing but trouble for New Yorkers. Someone please show him the door.
  3. Hit the "Print Scrn" key when you want to take a screenshot of what your problem is then open paint and "control V" to paste it and save it.
  4. Thats a nice set. A little too expensive for me but maybe I can get one soon.
  5. Nice subway set and nice review. I want one of these sets.
  6. Yes thats fair. They use modified R44's like the ones used on the IND A line. Nice pics Harry!
  7. Tracknut

    SIR or SIRT?

    It was called SIRT and now is called Staten Island Railway by the MTA.
  8. I'm waiting for its sister on the west end line.
  9. Do you need a super computer to run this game?
  10. That looks nice. I got to try that someday. Whatever happened to Microsoft Simulator?
  11. I have never ridden an SIRT service.
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