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Big Changes to National TV News shows. Lauer, Vieira and Couric to leave within next year

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Any reactions to NBC's 'Today' Show Hosts Meredith Vieira and possibly Matt Lauer leaving within the next year? Not to mention CBS Evening News Host Katie Couric leaving her post as that station's 'chief anchor' by this June (2011)?

Does this prove that the weekday evening national news shows on ABC, NBC and CBS are a dying bread in the media biz?




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I know most of you don't watch the network evening newscasts. However fact remains the dinner time Newsshows on NBC, ABC and CBS still combined get more viewership than the '3' main cable news channels combined i.e Fox News, CNN and MSNBC.


So with that said, some big changes are coming.


1)CBS Evening News-Scott Paley the long '60 Minutes Reporter' replaces Katie Couric as the anchor and Managing Editor for daily CBS newscasts.

Couric is leaving to form her own daytime talk show in trying to become the 'next Oprah.'


2)Meredith Vera is leaving as Co-Host of NBC's "Today Show" in june to spend more time w/ her family including her sick husband. Ann Curry the News Anchor takes over as Matt Lauer's co-host.


3)After a gradual retirement Jim Leher will now leave as the Host of "PBS NewsHour w/ Jim Leher" program. The show was recently renamed "PBS NewsHour'. Leher was the oldest serving Anchor on American TV of a daily newscast.



So any reactions?

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