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brooklyn yankee


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hey guys hopeing someone can help me out

i did some searching about my problem in past threads and found some answer's but still lookin for more info hopefully someone can gimme an answer


heres my problem:


monday will be exactly 30 days since i was down at 180 livingston for paper work/piss test and i havent heard anything since ( yea i know wait it out)

the next class for track worker starts sept 19th so the way this is going i probly wont get called for that class, and its possible the mta just overcalled people and i will probly just have to re do the piss test for the next class


but my question is: say it wassent my urine that was the problem, does the mta contact you to tell you that you didnt get the job besides failing the urine test? like for background check etc etc?


i figured i would have heard something by now but i just wanna make sure for when i call up on monday it will more than likely be a positive outcome and i can stop being so paranoid lol cause i dont do drugs so thats not the problem and all my paper work was in order all my prior cases were dismissed


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ok thanks

was just wondering if they contacted you to say you didnt get it for other reason's

i hope when i call up monday they will just tell me they didnt get to me yet and i will have to re-take it B)

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