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GO Transit MP40PH-3C Re-engine from EMD to New Cummins Tier 4 QSK95 Engine

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Launching the engine at its Seymour, Indiana, plant, Cummins announced that Toronto commuter operator GO Transit will be the first QSK95 customer in North America, with an order for the repowering of 11 MotivePower MP40 locomotives.


The QSK95 will be capable of an output of more than 4 000 hp, and a gas option will also be offered. The new product line will extend up to the 120 litre, 20-cylinder QSK120, with an output of over 5 000 hp.



Designed with exceptional strength and high power density, the 16-cylinder QSK95 exceeds the power output of other large 1800-rpm high-speed engines with 20-cylinders. Compared with much larger medium-speed engines operating below 1200 rpm, the QSK95 offers a far more compact and cost-effective solution to achieve the same power output.


The QSK95 is ideally suited for high-hour, high-load applications in passenger and freight locomotives, many types of marine vessels and ultra-class mine haul trucks. Operators can expect higher levels of equipment uptime and a longer life-to-overhaul with the QSK95.


Interesting development in my opinion.


EDIT: http://cumminsengines.com/every/news/20111101BR02.page?

For commuter and intercity locomotives, the QSK95 is capable up to 4200-hp (3132 kW) and can be installed with an auxiliary Cummins rail engine to provide electrical hotel power to the passenger cars, freeing up maximum tractive power from the prime mover. The QSK95 engine is also available rated from 3500-hp to 4000-hp (2610-2983 kW) as a highly cost-effective power solution for multipurpose short-haul freight locomotives.


The exceptional strength of the QSK95 will improve locomotive traction and increase acceleration, boosting performance with highly responsive quad-turbocharging.

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Greater Toronto transport authority Metrolinx has signed a US$63m contract for MotivePower to supply 10 diesel-electric locomotives for use on commuter services from 2016....
The contract announced on October 8 follows on from an August 2012 order for MotivePower to repower 11 Metrolinx MPXpress locomotives using two Cummins QSK60 engines in the same configuration.


MotivePower subsidiary has signed a US$63 million contract with Canada's Metrolinx to build 10 new, low-emission locomotives. The locomotives, featuring new engines that meet Tier 4 emission standards, will be designed and manufactured by MotivePower at its Boise, Idaho, facility and are expected to be delivered beginning in 2016, Wabtec said.
The project follows a previous order from Metrolinx to repower 11 locomotives (such as pictured above left) with the same advanced configuration, Wabtec noted.

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Spec sheet is out. Looks like a LOT was changed aside from the prime mover repower.


Official Spec Sheet for the GO Transit MPxpress Repower: https://www.wabtec.com/uploads/MP54_QuickSpec_B.pdf


New features include inverter driven HEP (720 kW capacity), leaving 4600 nominal traction HP with a nominal HEP load of 450 - 500 kW (5400 gross HP). AC traction equipment has been equipped. 


Tractive effort is fairly high for a passenger locomotive, (82,000 lbs starting and 50,700 lbs /continuous), and top speed has been raised to 110 MPH, with 62:15 gearing and 40" wheels.


Fuel consumption on these brutes is likely to be very high (given the specifications I was able to pull up for the QSK60; http://www.wpowerproducts.com/prodImages/prod1039/QSK60%20spec%20sheet.pdf). With both engines on, notch 8 fuel consumption is around 270 gph.


Contrary to stuff I've been hearing about "lengthened carbodies", overall length remains at 68 feet over coupler faces.

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