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  1. No, they are designed to do that. The DMs fail because EMD hasn't built a decent passenger locomotive since GM sold it to the banks.
  2. Fan Railer

    Museum Car Discussion Thread

    R9 trip to Rock Park today:
  3. Fan Railer

    Museum Car Discussion Thread

    coney island
  4. Fan Railer

    M-9 Discussion

    Another video of today's run:
  5. Fan Railer

    M-9 Discussion

    The M9s have also been clearance testing throughout the system the last few days, MU'd (propulsion cut in as well) with the M7s that bracket them. They made a trip to Bablyon today.
  6. Fan Railer

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Yes. It's been established that the bridge opens to oversized loads some time between 8:30 pm and 9 pm depending on traffic conditions. So they should be crossing soon, if not now.
  7. Fan Railer

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Of course when I was up there in the morning, the C/Rs weren't signing up as s
  8. Fan Railer

    M-9 Discussion

    From GG:
  9. Fan Railer

    R179 Discussion Thread

    The addition of CBTC equipment negatively affects MDBF numbers.
  10. Fan Railer


    afaik, this bus isn't TA spec. If they end up buying these, the flaws you guys are pointing out probably won't be present.
  11. Fan Railer

    M-9 Discussion

    Aaaaaand back on topic: The test runs seem to be fairly regular now. Train leaves Hillside around 2200 and gets to Jamaica at 2230, where it waits for clear passage onto the main line to test between Jay and Wood.


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