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  1. 14-car M9 test train on the Babylon Branch today. Only slightly bummed I didn't catch it at New York Penn since it came in and turned around on Track 11.
  2. 14 car test train ran to Ronkonkoma and back last night:
  3. Can one of the admins be proactive and split this string of comments into its own thread?
  4. Only missing 3070-3073, iinm. The rest of the 4-car units are on property. 5-car units to start arriving soon.
  5. I believe they've been to penn as part of system wide clearance testing.
  6. M9 test train today in Farmingdale:
  7. 4 more cars inbound tonight. Currently at the GWB. I believe 3234-3237.
  8. "This week"... it is literally only one day into this week. Deliveries are not received on the weekend. 3228 and 3229 are coming in tomorrow. A friend of mine spotted them up in upstate NY at a rest area just a few hours ago.
  9. Do we not know how to count? Testing started on 2/10, therefore it ended yesterday, 3/11, assuming no resets.
  10. Thanks. Just a note; page 19 is posted twice lol.

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