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  1. Fan Railer

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Still missing 70-77?
  2. Fan Railer

    R32 Fleet Swap Discussion Thread

    This statement runs quite contrary to something I shot a few days ago...
  3. Fan Railer

    Double decker X17J MTA bus to run to Midtown this week

    The Enviro500's inbound trip Thursday morning as filmed from the first row on the upper deck.
  4. Fan Railer

    R179 Discussion Thread

    AFAIK, still missing 3070-3077. Wonder when that's going to be coming in.
  5. Fan Railer

    M-9 Discussion

  6. Fan Railer

    R188 Discussion Thread

    It doesn't. It does quite the opposite, but only if CBTC goes down.
  7. Fan Railer

    R179 Discussion Thread

    A while ago lol
  8. Fan Railer

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Considering I know who Flushing Express is on Facebook and have seen what he posts there, I can say for a fact that he IS obsessed with fat people, holds quite derogatory views about a multitude of social issues, and really doesn't know what he's talking about in terms of transit happenings. Carry on.
  9. Fan Railer

    M-9 Discussion

    But r they ON property? And if they are, how the hell did they get here with not a single person catching the move? lmfao
  10. Fan Railer

    R188 Discussion Thread

    Don't hold your breath; as I mentioned earlier, a lot of the signals you see still in service now are getting ripped out for the full cut-over.
  11. Fan Railer

    R179 Discussion Thread

    lmao you must not ride outside of the peak hours.
  12. Fan Railer

    Museum Car Discussion Thread

    Lo-Vs to Woodlawn this month. Presumably the Brighton Parade on Fathers Day Weekend in June. Coney Island Trip with AB Standards / D-Types in July. Rockaway Trip with R9s in August.
  13. Fan Railer

    R188 Discussion Thread

    A certain T/O I know would like to disagree with you on this statement. Final build-out of the signalling system for Flushing CBTC involves removing a TON of existing signalling, ie, lengthening blocks; certain speed restrictions will be (and some have already been) lifted.
  14. Fan Railer

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Nothing is official until it ACTUALLY happens
  15. Fan Railer

    R179 Discussion Thread

    And how does any of this have to do with the R179?


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