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  1. Fan Railer

    R179 Discussion Thread

    still nothing about 3070-3073?
  2. Fan Railer

    R179 Discussion Thread

    None of this is correct whatsoever.... It was never a mystery where the cars went, and your delivery schedule is no where near accurate.
  3. Fan Railer

    R188 Discussion Thread

    "Safety". We all know signals dpt has been putting in timers everywhere like they're the next greatest fad of the century.
  4. Fan Railer

    R179 Discussion Thread

    I'd say that this is exactly why the TA isn't spec'ing the cars to be installed with CBTC equipment from the builder. The and each use their own CBTC systems due to the isolated nature of their lines. There is a spec for mainline CBTC, and if I'm not mistaken, it's being retrofitted onto the R160s assigned to Jamaica now, but the R179's spec was frozen well before the main line CBTC project details were finalized. So I'd surmise that the R211s would be the first car class that may arrive with on-board CBTC equipment installed by the manufacturer.
  5. Fan Railer

    Transfer from LIRR to NYCT?

    Wrong subforum. Someone plz move this to the transit employment section lol.
  6. Fan Railer

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Tech & Transit's (w/ DJ Hammer clips) video of said test train:
  7. No, they are designed to do that. The DMs fail because EMD hasn't built a decent passenger locomotive since GM sold it to the banks.
  8. Fan Railer

    Museum Car Discussion Thread

    R9 trip to Rock Park today:
  9. Fan Railer

    Museum Car Discussion Thread

    coney island
  10. Fan Railer

    M-9 Discussion

    Another video of today's run:
  11. Fan Railer

    M-9 Discussion

    The M9s have also been clearance testing throughout the system the last few days, MU'd (propulsion cut in as well) with the M7s that bracket them. They made a trip to Bablyon today.
  12. Fan Railer

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Yes. It's been established that the bridge opens to oversized loads some time between 8:30 pm and 9 pm depending on traffic conditions. So they should be crossing soon, if not now.


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