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  1. A consequence of major work being done around Jamaica, J train service was truncated to 121st Street for the first week of January, 2019. Enjoy 😃
  2. Fan Railer

    END of the M2s and additional M8s update

    The last 16 cars are sitting decommissioned in new haven. In an extreme emergency, they could be temporarily reactivated, but I don't see that happening.
  3. Fan Railer

    R188 Discussion Thread

    I am aware of both facts. The point is that with CBTC, the actual train speeds through those areas have changed, regardless of what the posted limits etc were before.
  4. Fan Railer

    R188 Discussion Thread

    Timers between 5 av and GCT gone, speed up to 20-25 mph, I think, but conversely, there's now an ATC enforced limit of 20-25 between TSQ and 5th av.
  5. Fan Railer

    Museum Car Discussion Thread

    First choice would be to go with older pre-war cars for the Holiday Train. So if there was an IRT train, it would be using the Lo-Vs.
  6. Fan Railer

    Museum Car Discussion Thread

    The best bet for a second train would be the Train of Many Metals. There are more operating personnel qualified on that equipment, and the two trains could share northern or southern terminals. For the Ds and Standards to run as a train, they'd need to be able to trainline the doors, or run with multiple conductors.
  7. I thought that was weird. Something must have goofed when I refreshed the link because it sent me to that document.
  8. https://www.njtransit.com/AdminTemp/2016_02_10_BoardItems_final.pdf Up for approval in the February board meeting.
  9. Fan Railer

    Museum Car Discussion Thread

    LOL you're screwed if you try to board anywhere that's not the termini. The only trip that's sort of nice anymore is the first round trip of the day.
  10. Fan Railer

    Museum Car Discussion Thread

    It's a fight on the subway. There's ALWAYS video of that lmfao
  11. Fan Railer

    Museum Car Discussion Thread

    Week 1 only.
  12. Fan Railer

    R179 Discussion Thread

    3186-3189 207 to Pitkin Wednesday night (2 nights ago).
  13. Fan Railer

    M-9 Discussion

    Another finely shot test train video:
  14. Fan Railer

    Museum Car Discussion Thread

    A5 or A6 most likely. If it were up to me and 145 lower middle was a no-go, I would have just gone all the way up to 168 via express and cross over into the yard leads north of the station. It's only an extra 6-8 minute run time or so.
  15. Fan Railer

    Museum Car Discussion Thread

    The TA is likely staging trains on the middle track at 145 or something. If the track was open, I can almost guarantee that that would have been the first choice as a northbound terminus for the train this year.


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