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  1. Anyone know exactly how many cars are being brought back from mothball? Is it all of them or just a portion?
  2. I don't see why that couldn't happen. But with everything being as unpredictable as it is right now, I wouldn't hold my breath,
  3. R32s are retired as of the new B division assignment effective 4/27/20.
  4. You're not going to get one considering that this an internal software adjustment on performance in the upper limits of the speed range. Having observed NTT train performance over the years, I can say that each NTT when new were hitting higher top speeds over the same sections of track, consistently 5-8 mph higher. The new tech stuff all came out of factory with 55 mph as the balancing speed on level track. Nothing does much better than 45-50 after a while. Same concept as removing field shunts from the DC equipment.
  5. I've seen 67 on a siemens 160 manhattan-bound. Long time ago before they dialed back performance.
  6. The official bulletin order and updated b division sheet says otherwise, but ok lol.🤷‍♀️
  7. Irrelevant considering this is the new assignment.
  8. Of the 13 ten-car trains, only 9 are accepted at this point in time, so it is reasonable to only have 6 assigned for service at any given time.
  9. R179 rush hour service requirements as of 2/7; - 6 sets (60 cars) - 9 sets (72 cars) / - 9 sets (72 cars) 278 cars accepted, remaining 40 still undergoing testing.
  10. New assignments effective 2/7 as follows; - 7 R32 consists during the rush; 6 R179, and assorted R46 and 1 R68 [PM only] fill out remaining trains. - 9 R179 & 9 R46 during the AM, 9 R179 & 8 R46 during the PM
  11. You fall right in with that crowd I described earlier; sheep that think bad actors don't deserve to be held accountable and instead should be protected, which is exactly what happened with Pantaleo. Therefore, I don't care to know you, care about your opinion of me or take advice from you. And how do you know he's still working there unless you're on the inside or have sources within? Let's just say that I know there's more going on behind the scenes right now regarding his continued employment down the line. If you were a cash strapped agency that just spent $500K on an advertising campaign for the new railcars only to have some dingus ruin it by being unprofessional in public, you'd probably terminate his employment asap if you had the chance. The union would be shooting themselves in the foot if they choose to fight for him.
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