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  1. The Official BVE/OpenBVE Thread

    Brooklyn Union Elevated Gate Car BETA. Foam away guys =P DL link is in the video description.
  2. R32 Fleet Swap Discussion Thread

    Without field shunts cut in, the R32s only do ~45 mph on level track. The R46s and 68s are slightly faster; they'll do between 47 and 50 mph on the flats.
  3. R179 Discussion Thread

    The LCD screen on the 179 FINDs is larger than the 160 FINDs, but the TA never re-did the image resolutions for the 179 display, hence the blurriness.
  4. R179 Discussion Thread

    Meaning that 3082-3085 as a set is on its way. In other news, here's my first clip of the 179s since they've passed acceptance testing. It's nice to see the lunars on the axles.
  5. R211 Discussion Thread

    Nah, they should go back to line of sight running on straightaways with signalling only at curves and interlockings
  6. R179 Discussion Thread

    Yes. In other news, be on the lookout for 3098-3101 tonight after 8pm between 207 and Pitkin.
  7. R179 Discussion Thread

    Bridge opens to wide loads between 8:30p and 9:00p depending on traffic levels. From there it takes about 25 min to get from Fort Lee to 215th Street.
  8. R211 Discussion Thread

    Signal department has been adding timers left and right over the last decade, all in the name of safety...... Yes, there's a timed section coming S/B into Prospect Park because of the blind curve just before the station. Once you clear the last timer, you're in the curve and starting to go uphill.
  9. R211 Discussion Thread

    That timer is there to protect the reverse curve coming into the station; without it, you'd be able to fly in around 35 - 40 mph, which is not exactly desirable in that specific setting.
  10. R179 Discussion Thread

    Speculation doesn't change what will eventually become reality. So I say let them speculate. Things would be a LOT smoother if people just ignored the stuff that they don't agree with.
  11. R211 Discussion Thread

    In regards to CPW express northbound, the trick to have the timers clear perfectly is to keep it on the post until you crest the hill around 86th, then shut off power and coast down the hill. If you max out at 42 MPH at the bottom of the hill between 103 and 110, you don't have to brake for any of the timers until you hit the slower timers at the north end of 116th street.
  12. R211 Discussion Thread

    The 60th Street Tube [ ] is still the fastest section in the system. If the timers are run correctly, you can still do 60+ MPH in that tunnel. I've heard 64-67 mph on a 160 Siemens; most of the acceleration above 55 mph would be gravity anyway.
  13. R211 Discussion Thread

    hehehe touche. At any rate, given current operating rules, we'd be unlikely to see something like that again nowadays.
  14. R211 Discussion Thread

    That's what the word "about" means lol.


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