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PADUCAH, KY – APRIL 15, 2012 – The first of the New York, Susquehanna & Western (NYSW) GMTX-owned SD60s has been completed and painted. The NYSW will be taking delivery of six ‘modern’ six-axle units by July of 2012 to handle the road assignments between Binghamton, NY and North Bergen, NJ, while ridding several other models from their locomotive roster.


Six former GMTX (ex-Oakway 9016, 9044, 9061, 8067, 9094, and 9095) SD60s are being long-term leased (greater than 5 years) and are in the process of being completely overhauled and rebuilt by VMV in Paducah, Kentucky. The units are undergoing major rebuild of all components, including: the prime mover, AR-11 Alternator, the trucks, cooling fans, grid blowers, grids, and wheels. When they em...erge from VMV, they will wear NYSW road numbers 3800, 3802, 3804, 3806, 3808, and 3810; five of which are set to wear the standard yellow-and-black bumblebee scheme and the sixth may wear a maroon-and-silver heritage scheme, similar to that worn by the NYSW’s RS-1 fleet at one time!


NYSW plans on having the units online by mid-July 2012, with service initially slated for the SU-99 and SU-100 road freights. NYSW’s Chief Mechanical Officer, George King says, “These will be top-notch locomotives that will be equipped with global positioning satellite (GPS) systems, AESS™ Fuel Management System, narrow band radios, and new head-of-train/end-of-train systems.”


King relays that the NYSW is also eyeing a viable replacement model for their 4-axle motive power needs. NYSW has already tested CEFX GP20D 2010 and is currently testing Progress Rail model PR22B Genset 2009. GATX is scheduled to send a GP15-2, a modernized 1500 horsepower GP15 model, for testing in late spring. Conrail Shared Assets units will be used while NYSW decides on which 4-axle platform will be used longer term.


The status of the remainder of the NYSW motive power fleet stands as follows:


• CEFX SD40-2 lease units currently assigned to road trains are scheduled to go offline in July 2012

• GP20 2062-2064-2066 are for sale or will be scrapped in 2012

• GP40 3040 will continue in service at Utica, NY

• GP40 3042 will be kept stored unserviceable pending future expansion plans

• SD40-2 3012-3014-3016-3018-3022 will remain in service with minimal OOS time dependent on traffic volumes

• SD45 3618 & 3634 and SD40-2 3010 will remain stored serviceable pending traffic changes

• F45 3636 and SD40 3020 are to be scrapped on site in 2012

• SD70Ms 4050, 4052 and 4054 are parked pending rebuild/lease out or rebuild and use on line decision



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