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  1. STO's Ex Calgary Classics are retired now. Bring an end of Classic era at STO
  2. Been in the lot/garage twice. They have always been friendly to foamers/fans if you talk nicely to them
  3. Looks like it will be used to make parts. Wonder if they will also make it a finishing centre as well to win more NY state orders
  4. https://www.newflyer.com/locations/ As this its listed as manufacturing
  5. Jamestown is listed on NFI site as a manufacturing plant. Looks like they want to do this so they can get more NY state orders to compete with Volvo (Nova/Prevost) on NY state orders. I would not be shocked if other NFI brands would be partly built here as well.
  6. St Cloud Minnesota Crookston Minnesota Anniston Alabama
  7. New Flyer has 3 plants in the USA and one in Canada. Now gonna change to 2 in Canada and 5 in the USA with the purchase of Alexander Dennis and opening of Jamestown NY plant. Im also not counting the MCI plants and Arboc plant which would add another 3 plants. Total Plants for New Flyer Group Canada New Flyer Winnipeg Manitoba MCI Winnipeg Manitoba Alexander Dennis chassis plant Vaughan Ontario USA New Flyer St Cloud Minnesota Crookston Minnesota Anniston Alabama Jamestown New York MCI Pembina North Dakota Arboc Middlebury Indiana Alexander Dennis Nappanee Indiana
  8. Smart thing would be a new express route with a stop in Union City to the Mall just like the current 111 route to Jersey Gardens Mall
  9. Already saw that. It does not have the history of the DE40LF in terms of numbers or fleet number, history etc.
  10. Wonder if the DE40LF was ex Crystal Transport as well as they used to have one from the fleet roster posted

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