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  1. They have turned around their financial problems this year and are now doing well money wise.
  2. Easy just like Presto used on GO Transit in Ontario Canada you tap on and you tap off charges by zone.
  3. Zack Willhoite was well know around North America and I meet him a few times he was a really nice guy
  4. Did not know the V's were still around
  5. Greyhound's version of Megabus, cheaper service due to buying tickets online and bordering on the street vs having to pay terminal fees.
  6. Nope they have Nova LFS HEV artics, New Flyer XN60's and NABI 60-BRT HEV's
  7. Tracks, switches and overhead was not made. only thing made was the roadbed.
  8. Fully worth it you have the time and funds.
  9. Still shows in service on their website

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