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Bus Assignments


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How are buses assigned to their blocks/runs?


Where I live we have a service crew: That is a bus drivers crew/work is half assigning buses and the other half driving. The morning guy gets on the floor of the garage at about 415am he has a sheet called picture of the house where he writes down where each bus is parked going up and down each row for the entire garage and also turns each bus on to let It run, once that's done he goes back to his desk which is inside the garage where he takes out the pullout sheet with the list of runs, I'm not sure but either someone in maintenance or the foreman leaves a sheet on his desk around 2am showing what bus is off property, on HOLD, tripper list where the bus has to be back by a certain time. Using those sheets drivers report to Him to get their assigned bus some drivers get a particular bus they want though your not supposed to. Going down the list he then completes It at 730 to pull out for his own run at 740, where the PM guy completes the rest of the AM Pullouts and all the PM ones.

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