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  1. Run the same pattern that's running now
  2. They used to signify what yard the car belonged to, but today they're irrelevant. Green: Uniport/180 st for the Yellow: Westchester for the Red: 240 St for the Blue: Livonia for the Orange: Jerome for the Purple: Corona for the Black: 239 St for the
  3. I wasn' talking about bee-line or NICE bus... Besides, all of bee-line buses have back doors that are automatically driver controlled (that's how they were spec'd)
  4. We gotta build a wall and make New Jersey Transit pay for it
  5. Seems like you guys have a slight favoriism with the artics. You'd hardly see an artic out in the street overnight (it's happened, but rarely) but but have no problem with throwing anything else out there, even the LGA Link buses lol
  6. To further explain... There is an "SBS mode" on the buses, but depending on the bus, it's actually labeled as such. A simpler definition would be rear door mode. I'l break it down: Passenger controlled The regular way the back doors are controlled. Once the driver turns the door handle to rear, the back door(s) unlock and the passenger pushes the door open themselves. Usually they would slam back closed (Novas not included) unless someone pushed the tape/bar/strip in which they would stay open until the driver puts the handle back to close. Driver controlled (SBS mode) In this mode, once the driver turns the handle to rear, the back doors (the middle door on the artics count as a back door lol) open automatically and stay open until the handle gets put back to closed. Depending on the bus, it' called something different (touch tape bypass on the RTS, SBS mode on the Novas, etc), but it's all the same thing. Buses doing SBS routes (and to a lesser extent shuttle buses) are supposed to have their buses like this. All it takes is a simple flip of a switch on the driver's panel. In your case, the driver turned the door handle to where the front doors would only open. But like B35 said, that still doesn' stop people from yelling at the backdoors to open lol
  7. There will be a connection for the at Houston St, as it will be the southern terminal for Phase 3 and the debut of the actual However, instead of using the pre-existing station she'l above the platform, it'll run below the station instead.
  8. With the way the announcements seem more dragged out along with it, it could be down the line
  9. Sounds the same to me, but for some reason they changed it to play BEFORE the doors closed compared to it playing while the doors are closing
  10. The XN60, we'rin the process of getting them now. CNG buses are more or less as good as their tanks are. Once the CNG tanks expire, you have several choices: 1. Recertify the tanks...essentially extend their lifespan just a little bit 2. Remove the tanks and convert them to run on another fuel type (like what TTC did to their Orion Vs) 3. Replace the tanks with brand new tanks 4. Cut your losses and retire the entire bus The first 3 options are all pretty expensive as the tanks aren't cheap. Older CNG buses had tanks with 10-15 year lifespans, so at that point it was just easier (and cheaper) to replace the entire bus when the time came. Modern buses have tanks that can last 20+ years, so the tanks themselves can outlive the bus.
  11. That's one of the easiest fixes on the bus. Just push the window out and as far up as you can go and let it slam
  12. Except you can actually move a train with the doors open. ...10 years of this site and still oozing of new information left and right, isn' it amazing?
  13. My oldest son graduated from the stroller and walks full-time (thank god lol), and my youngest one (4 months old) uses a stroller. On the off chance I have to actually have to take him on the bus (normally I drive, if not I strap him to my chest) I fold the stroller a block before the bus shows up. I don't use them big bulky ass strollers as they take up space.
  14. Never knew the conductor waa the one that moves the train ...learn something new every day here on this site
  15. I take a small hiatus and come back to this...
  16. They can easily share a stop if anything. Both the M60 and Q70 share stops within the airport and the receipts say "LG00" instead of the individual route.
  17. Like MHV said, they were beanie boxes. There were 6 panels on them: PASS | STUDT ADULT | SPCL XFER | BYPS -PASS (yellow) Employee passes -STUDT (dark blue) Student metrocards/half fare student change -ADULT (red) Regular metrocards, full fare change -SPCL (green) Half Fare elderly change, elderly metrocards -XFER (orange) Paper transfers -BYPS (light blue) Never really knew this one, always flashed on occasion
  18. The ones in Livonia will be for the 42 St (S). Probably just rotating the cars out
  19. That R46 one is just a demonstrator. That set was the one tgat derailed at 125 St. The actual pilot is a R160.
  20. The Astoria Line is active, save for Queensboro Plz. The screen at Queensboro is on, but it's just showing a white screen; oddly enough, the little black part on the bottom of the screen that shows the date and time works perfectly fine. They're installing the screens at Court Sq on the now as of this post
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