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Car Inspector provisional status..

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Hey everyone,


i took the CI exam back in 2007 and got hired. i didn't take the job because i heard rumors of lay offs so i kept the job i had. i just got hired for the same position as a CI and in the system i'm listed as re-hired.


my question is: Is the test i took in 2007 still good for this position? or do i have to take the test all over again?


i'm currently hired as provisional, but they said they will be will be going permanent after successfully passing the written exam and practical.


i told some one in the MTA about my situation and was told that the exam list was extended 2 years. so the list is good for 4 years and was extended 2 more years. 


thank you in advance!!



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I am not 100% sure but I believe you are provisional/tempory untill you pass the written and practical test. If you took a practical test in 2007 (their was no written test then) then you should have gotton a list number.


provisional/tempory employees need to score well on all tests to keep their jobs because they will make a senority list based on scores and someone on the street who scores higher is legally entitled to the job you now hold and you can be laid off untill they get to your list number.

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