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OpenBVE EXCLUSIVE: DB 101 and Bombardier TRAXX Development

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After much searching and coding, I am pleased to say that the DB101 Locomotive (in Hungarian Colors) is close to being released to the OpenBVE community. Marcell Gal, AKA Gothpaladinus (Creator of the Siemens Taurus and Railjet coaches), has graciously supplied me with the exterior files for the locomotive which were created by Tommy50, and thus motivating me to synthesis and edit in the sounds sourced from the DB101 and also code for proper train physics (300 kN max TE). This train is currently in its complete state, and will be released as soon as I hear back Gothpaladinus's feedback. The bilevel cars seen in this video are sourced here:http://bve.e6.pl/Bdhpumn_25-08_005.html


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