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Bus Maintence supervisor interview

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I got called in for a second interview,Bus Mainntence supervisor, the first interview was terrable only becasue I felt they asked me questions about MTA"S proceedures, such as chains of command type questions .

I am not and never was employeed by the MTA so how do i know what goes on in there with out trainning


That is why im here asking these questions.

I really hope someone will answer and help me clairiy the proper way to answer and deliver on this interview.

Are they looking to hire from within and have to take, show a certian amount of outside movement.

Do I stand a chance of getting this job with the MTA  as a civilian?


Is there a practice interview that i can study and where will i find it?

does any one know what or basically what they will ask and how to answer these questions or what there basically looking for 


any help will be deeply appreciated honestly!

I really would like to stand a change here...........

Thanks in advance     

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They actually need supervisors and i been noticed that they are hiring supervisors from outside. The reason is that the Maintainers gets a lots of over time and they are making almost double the money a supervisor is making. So, nobody want to be a supervisor. This is the reason somebody told me, but i am not sure.


what types of questions did they ask?? give an example.


I dont know any martial that you can study for the interview. But i will tell you one thing, Safety, Doing the work safely' has more priority than anything...!!


I will give you an example: its just a random one that came into my mind

" You, as a supervisor, asked you worker to go  and replace a tire on a Bus, because you need that bus to go out for service to make a complete running schedule. Now your worker comes back to you and inform you that the floor is oily and slippery which makes it unsafe for him, to perform his job. As a supervisor, what action will you take in that situation? "


You should tell them the the safest action, such as Verify what the worker informed, put a slippery floor warning sign near there & prevent it from spreading somehow, inform the cleaners to come and clean it the proper way. NOTE: getting that bus ready for service is not the priority here. 


Another one i can this of is, " what would you do to a worker who  came to work drunk or apparently drunk??

    "You do NOT send him back home" They want to here that "You will send him for a Random Drug Test"


i hope these helps.......

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