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Introducing new MSTS route (Odessa, Ukraine)


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Let me introduce the reality-based MSTS route. The route simulated the unforgettable trains rides in the vicinity of Odessa, Ukraine.

*As of now, you can enjoy the simulation of 83kilometer ride between Odessa at Its southern environ, named Belgorod Dnestrovskiy.

*All the trackage in boundaries of the cenral part of Odessa, Ukraine is available for use.

*The next version will include 2 of 3 branches, which exists in reality.

The trackage and textures are replicated with the highest accuracy I've ever seen. That's why to run the route a separate texhture package is very very necessary.


I recomend you to use this route personally, becuase in 1985-1991 period I lived there and rode this route many times in reality. As of now, I am ride the simulated version and find it generally a 1:1 correspondence with reality.


HOWEVER: The fault is that there characters used on route a cyryllics, and such that MSTS can understand them. So the route name will appear in a list of routes as a blank line. And among the start and end places, the terminals are also appearing just as blank lines. But anyway, dont hesitate to chose them and be sure that you will have a beatiful ride!!!!


PLUS: The additional software and updates for MSTS which are required for the normal work of the route are listed on the page.

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