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Rapid transit challenge


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Hi everyone, i found this website https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subway_Challenge


I’m interested on make the challenge alone this year by August. i’m travelling specially for this from Argentina. 

I really would like you could join me, but if you can’t, any help would be appreciate. 
i’m partner of an IT company ( http://milliwatt.com.ar ) and a freelance writer at informative site related to the Buenos Aires's subway ( http://enelsubte.com ).
Also would help me if you can contact me with someone of your related past about this challenge.
Thanks very much
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i was gonna do it but 

1. im waiting until after 2016 because of second avenue

2. im waiting until i have the resources to code a program that calculates the fastest route.


it takes a lot of planning-restrooms, transfers etc. 

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