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Brockton Area Transit should consider making a new route

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I´ve come to a conslusion that Brockton Area Transit of Brockton,MA should make a new route that would link Brockton to Mansfield and thus access the MBTA Rail station and thus connection to GATRA and finally access to RIPTA


The current route #12 of BAT enroutes its route from Brockton to Soughton (Cobbs Corner shoppong ctr)...the cost of the trip is of $1.25 which is the same tariff of all local BAT routes except the Brockton-Ashmont route which is of 2 USD


i think that the current Brockton-Soughton route should  be extended to Mansfieland thus serve two MBTA Rail stations and connect to GATRA at Mansfield


between Mansfield and Hyde Park (Boston) theres NO bus connection and one must BY LAW take the MBTA Rail...although it isnt much of a deal since the MBTA pays up to cheap the rides but it would benefit residents from the vicinity and Brockton Would have access to GATRA since no route extend far beyond Easton  unless theres a route from Brockton to Taunton (another better idea)


the cost would be 2 USD (including a transfer to ALL routes including the Ashmont route)


a ride from Providence to Boston would be of $8.75 by following:


° $ 2.00 ride of RIPTA 1 or 35 to Pawtucket

° $ 1.00 ride GATRA 24 to Attleboro

° $ 2.00 ride GATRA 18 To Taunton

° $ 2.00 ride BAT 16 (NEW ROUTING)To Brockton and transfer freely to the BAT #12 Route to Ashmont (Boston)

° $1.75 MBTA bus to Forest Hills and then #39 bus to Back Bay


Total trip : $8.75...you save up to $1.75 good for a soda and chips hehe and you get to know various towns like Pawtucket, Attleboro, Taunton, Brockton and Ashmont

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