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Yesterday I Had An Idea That Newark Would Have An IBOA To Benefit The City Somehow Some I Made An Bus Roster and List Of Routes For It.


Newark IBOA 95 W Runyon St

Total Buses:47


Routes: 7,118,Shoprite-Jersey Gardens Mall Shuttle


2003 Neoplan USA AN459A:9502-9504

2004 Neoplan USA AN459A Suburban:9604-9608

2008 Nabi 416.15 Suburban:5378-5381,5330-5334

2009 Nabi 416.15 Suburban:5445-5446

2010 Nabi 416.15:5697,5664,5530-5535,5574-5575

2011 Nabi 416.15:5758,5829

2012 Nabi 416.15:6220-6225,6004,6188,6162-6166


The 118 Runs From Irvington Or Summit To Lower Manhattan

The Shoprite-Jersey Gardens Mall Shuttle Runs Shoprite Of Newark To Jersey Gardens Mall Running Every 20 Minutes From 8:00 AM To 9:00 PM

The Route 7 Runs From 43rd St To Rutherford RR Sta

Here You Can Think Of Additional Routes For This IBOA Have A Wonderful Day Everyone :) Credit For The Bus Numbers Goes To The TransitMan's NJT Bus Depot Roster

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