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  1. Any upcoming routes swapped depots around this time
  2. What were the details of the Summer pick and the next route to be converted to ariculated. I haven't been active for a while
  3. Question: Is the B46 going to be fully articulated or is it only for SBS
  4. Any thoughts on having a bus route in Newark heading to Port Authority that serves parts of the city that aren't covered by the #107 or the #108. It has to used the I-280 exit 14 to/from Newark.
  5. The Neoplans are retiring soon. So let's get those photos before there's gone.
  6. Does anyone know how extremely inconvenient the GO buses are (GO25 only running on Rush Hours and the GO28 being completely unreliable at of the time as it only runs every half-hour at all times even though they have 10 Suburbans assigned to it and the fact that both don't have dedicated bus lanes)
  7. I don't know how to proper insert photos here. Flickr is giving me troubles just to verify my email
  8. I do recall a Hilton Neoplan #9545 running on the 126 during the AM rush this week
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