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  1. How many people are actually taking the B98V/Q98V. I'm assuming ridership might increase over time but would it prevent those routes from being another B91/B92
  2. LaGuardia Airport is pretty well-served by public transportation. Service to Brooklyn: Take M60+ to the (N), Manhattan: M60+ SBS and others parts of Queens: Q47, Q48, Q72. But there's no route providing an one-seat ride to the Bronx. So I crafted one Bx48: Operates LaGuardia Airport to Parkchester. Runs along Westchester Av, right on E 167 St and then E 169 St, left on Franklin Av, right on E 168 St, left on 3rd Av, merge onto St Anns Av, right onto E 149 St, left onto Grand Concourse and merge onto Major Deegan Expy to RFK Bridge and follows along the M60+ SBS to LaGuardia Airport. This route connects to the up to Whitlock Av, at 149 St - GC and The Hub. Also could serve as a general Queens to Bronx connector.
  3. The "Combination" is a express route that runs in both Downtown and Midtown. Forget to mention that all "Combination" routes run on Church St/6 Av. The SIM16 is intended to provide express service along Richmond Terrace between Port Richmond and South Av. The SIM33C goes down South Av up to Forest. The SIM16 goes all the way down to Teleport and merge into W Shore Pkwy. I think having it end in Lower Manhattan or run through West St would make it a decent alternative to the SIM33. Making it a rush hour only route is also better. As for the SIM36, Eltingville was the only terminal I could think of at the time. If the route went all the down Victory Blvd to Travis, it could be an express variant of local S62/S92 up to Clove Road
  4. Express Bus Ideas: SIM13: Operates from Woodrow Rd/Lenevar Av to Greenwich Village. Runs on Woodrow Road, then on Arthur Kill Road to Korean War Veterans Pkwy/W Shore Expressway/Staten Island Exp and then follows the SIM7 from there SIM16C: Operates from Port Richmond to Central Pk S/6 Av via South Av/Richmond Terrace and follows the "Combination" routes SIM12: Operates from New Dorp La/Cedar Grove Av to Midtown. Runs along New Dorp Lane, left on Amboy Road, then right on Arden Av and then runs though Korean War Veterans Pkwy/NJ Tunrpike/42nd St/5 Av/Madison Av SIM36: Operates to Eltingville Transit Center to Midtown via Richmond Av, right on Victory Blvd, right onto Clove Road and follows the SIM31 until 57 St SIM17: Operates from Oakwood (S76 termimal) to Midtown via Todt Hill Road. Straight on Mill Road, left on New Dorp Lane, right on Richmond Road, slight left on Todt Hill Road, left on Ocean Terrace, right on Bradley Av, right on Gannon Av and takes merger near Bradley, runs along Gowanus Exp, FDR and then 23rd and right on Madison Av ending at 57th St SIM2X: Operates from Tottenville to Downtown. Runs along Hylan Blvd along the regular SIM2 portion, left on Seguine Av, right on Amboy Road, left on Foster Road, left on Drumgoole Road and merge onto Korean War Veterans Expy and then W Shore Expy and follows the SIM2 to Downtown
  5. I had it go south to serve the SIR, thus giving it a direct link from Amazon to the other parts of the island that the SIR serves. It more or less would double as a feeder route to it than have them go all the way to St George via the S40 Good points though 😌
  6. It's been a good while since I was gone. Now the S40 is the only route serving the Amazon location by Old Place that connects much of the northern part of SI along Richmond Terrace and connecting to the ferry. There should be a route connecting the other parts of SI to the center and that's where the S64 comes in S64 Howland Hook <> Annadale https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1sPjElvp9pEzATr6kLJzKeJNApT3iGsya&usp=sharing
  7. Any upcoming routes swapped depots around this time
  8. What were the details of the Summer pick and the next route to be converted to ariculated. I haven't been active for a while
  9. Question: Is the B46 going to be fully articulated or is it only for SBS
  10. Any thoughts on having a bus route in Newark heading to Port Authority that serves parts of the city that aren't covered by the #107 or the #108. It has to used the I-280 exit 14 to/from Newark.
  11. The Neoplans are retiring soon. So let's get those photos before there's gone.
  12. Does anyone know how extremely inconvenient the GO buses are (GO25 only running on Rush Hours and the GO28 being completely unreliable at of the time as it only runs every half-hour at all times even though they have 10 Suburbans assigned to it and the fact that both don't have dedicated bus lanes)

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