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  1. Question: Is the B46 going to be fully articulated or is it only for SBS
  2. Any thoughts on having a bus route in Newark heading to Port Authority that serves parts of the city that aren't covered by the #107 or the #108. It has to used the I-280 exit 14 to/from Newark.
  3. The Neoplans are retiring soon. So let's get those photos before there's gone.
  4. Does anyone know how extremely inconvenient the GO buses are (GO25 only running on Rush Hours and the GO28 being completely unreliable at of the time as it only runs every half-hour at all times even though they have 10 Suburbans assigned to it and the fact that both don't have dedicated bus lanes)
  5. I don't know how to proper insert photos here. Flickr is giving me troubles just to verify my email
  6. I do recall a Hilton Neoplan #9545 running on the 126 during the AM rush this week
  7. Well as I said in the post. The city would run the route not NJ Transit. The route also doubles as a alternative to the PATH (From Journal Sq to Newark to be exact). A link from Kearny to Jersey City and as another bus route from Newark to Jersey City and as a bus from Kearny and Jersey City to Newark Airport. Buses would be running frequently so will all the things I factored in. The route would have a very good ridership and would increase the amount of shoppers at Walmart if buses are running frequently especially if the route is running along almost the entire strength of Broad St (a major corridor in Newark)
  8. Recently there has been tons of development in Newark specially in the Downtown/University Heights area. With gentrification in that area. Affluent public transit should be the first priority in order to make it accessible to everyone and increase the population. Living near the area (Lincoln Park) I have studied the bus routes surrounding the area and have created new bus routes of my own. The lower part of Downtown (Anything below Market St) is served by the Broad St and Washington St (uptown only) routes: #11,#13,#24A/B,#27,#GO28,#28,#29,#39,#40,#62,#65,#66,#67,#70 Washington St: #5,#11,#28,#29,#65,#66,#70 Buses heading to North Newark: #11,#13,#27,#GO28,#28,#29 Buses heading to Newark Penn #5,#39,#40,#62,#65,#66,#67 (Drop off only) #70 Buses going to Harrison/Kearny #30,#40 Buses heading to Ironbound #40 Buses heading to EWR #40 (North Area) #GO28,#62,#67 Buses heading to EO/Orange #5,#24A,#24B The upper part of Downtown (The most gentrificated area) is a different story. Buses heading to North Newark: #11,#13,#27,#GO28,#28,#29,#34,#41 Buses heading to Newark Penn #1,#5,#21,#25,#34,#39,#40,#62,#65,#66,#67 (Drop off only) #70 Buses going to Harrison/Kearny #30,#40 Buses heading to Ironbound #1,#25,#34,#40 Buses heading to EWR #40 (North Area) #GO28,#62,#67 Buses heading to EO/Orange #5,#21,#24A,#24B,#34 Buses to NYC #108 Most bus routes going to Newark Penn past Raymond Blvd are few and far between. #72 and the #76 are the only buses that serve Downtown to Newark Penn at all times. #11,28,#29,#30 and #41 only serve University Av during evening times and with full service only on Sundays. Some #29 buses and the #78 only run on rush hour. Only thing that runs semi-frequency is the Light Rail branch to Broad St which only runs every 15-20 minutes on Rush Hour. Improvements/Bus Route Creation. #1,#13,#25,#27 stay the same but NJT should follow their schedule and not allow bunching #11 and #29 go to Hill St full time. New development is happening along Broad St and this will condense the amount of Bloomfield Av buses going to Newark Penn on the Weekends and evenings. Express buses to Newark Penn stay the same. #28 will be the only route on Bloomfield Av besides the #72 to go to Newark Penn. Provides another option for MSU students service going to Newark Penn/NYC besides Decamp or Montclair Boonton Line. #GO28 should have increased frequently. Half-hour frequencies replaced with 12-15 minutes headways on Rush Hour and 20 minutes headways. Should utilize the suburbans given to the route. #40 should have 20-30 minutes headways at all times. It's the only route to run the full strength on South Street. Would see a spike in ridership if happened. Also should be reroute to Market St instead of Raymond Blvd heading to Jersey Gardens/Ironbound would turn on Mulberry to Raymond. New bus routes: University Hts/West Side Pk This route would start at S 20th St Loop and then to Grove St and to 18th Av running to New York PABT via Norfolk/Irvine Turner. Would provide additional service along Irvine Turner/Norfolk and provide a bus route to New York. Besides the #107 which serves the Weequahic part of Newark and the #108 which serves Seventh Av, parts of Downtown and the Ironbound. This route would provide direct NYC service to the West Side/Springfield Belmont and University Heights neighborhoods. Buses also run along Union City. Buses run every 5-7 minutes on Rush and 15 min on Middays/Weekends. #43/Harrison Av The #43 will return and be run by a IBOA. It has been extended from Lincoln Park to Newark Airport (Every other trip ends at Poinier St and Broad and starts at Emmett and Broad) and will only go to Journal Sq. Buses will run every 4-6 minutes on Rush Hour and every 8-10 min on Middays/Weekends. The reason for such high frequency is because this is the only bus route to serve Walmart which is in Kearny. People from Newark/Harrison/Kearny and JC will want to go to Walmart. It also is the only bus route besides the #1 to go to Jersey City from Newark but most people will still take PATH. New residents along Harrison Av and Downtown Newark would want to go to Journal Sq to transfer to PATH and to Walmart for shopping. Buses will run on Newark Av in Jersey Av serving the Little India strip there. University Heights. The bus route running from Newark Penn going on a loop throughout University Heights. Buses start at Newark Penn then run on Raymond until Washington and turn on Central and then MLK and to Orange and to Norfolk and then to Warren St to University Av and back onto Raymond. Buses will be fare-free and run every 4-6 min on Rush hour and then every 5-7 min at other times. Buses will also be wrapped to to indicate that it's the University Heights bus and will serve NJIT and Rutgers on Warren. Should be run by the City of Newark. Unrelated to this, I think there should be a bus route that loops around the Ironbound District to the Harrison PATH station via the Jackson Bridge. Would runs along Ferry St to Magazine and then to Wilson Av and to Lafayette St to Jackson St. Would properly serve the Ironbound residents heading to Jersey City/NYC. I hope you like this analysis. I have never done this before and IDK if I did good or not. I would like to heard your guys opinion on this topic at hand. See you later.
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