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Recent Renovations on the Culver Line

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From new platform edge strips to light fixtures, safer stairs and even shiny benches, the renovation literally had that new station smell to it.6bbd4c0815ec1a6a7741cbdc5f55eb4e.jpg2a468a1080c1a037f62942dc61490c93.jpg0b88902a91002b2fc79ae9fc189d26f5.jpg95b73efa55635fdf80eab043e6e0d530.jpg


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While some platforms had fresh new signage, some either improvised or forgot.3959676b2be1f581831542673074b3be.jpgc1bb6752b7d6955d354f6c5a579341cd.jpg5eed7e7f902d6531f952dd4d3f2c45a7.jpg20e7a63f5ba18a43a31a8ba649262fd6.jpg


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The stairs were refurbished, as I noticed some concrete slabs from the old platform were assimilated into the new one. While the stairs themselves were recast, the same doesn't hold true for the housing underneath, still wooded and porous.


Now that the stairs are heavier than the supporting structure, I'm concerned they could fall to the street below. ????7cd656aa62b95f5f00b97dfeefa5969b.jpgf1092d8b294e2d27838a088e26177e52.jpg10d15e9e40b7a369a74b1b5862583bcf.jpg


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