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  1. I have a better idea. Delete My Account. Anything is better than listening to whiny NYCT personnel deny the inevitable.
  2. Just thought I'd check in and see how you guys are doing down there, and rethink how you approached me when I tried sounding the alarm. Do you still believe I was fear-mongering?
  3. I agree. I feel like Cassandra right about now. I'm done.
  4. The shutdown of commerce would be devastating to the WHOLE state's economy. I would never wish that upon anybody. Those conditions alone could cause an explosion in poverty (which has happened before). You guys KNOW your situation isn't financially tenable. Stop pretending that it is. I wish things turned out differently for you guys. I think y'all got a raw deal. You completely ignored my Rockefeller remark. I thought that with Byford, maybe you would see some much needed change, but given that he was pushed out, it's clear you cannot. Don't ignore Byford's departure as if it doesn't factor in. It absolutely does. If you're going to rebut my concerns, do so without assuming how I think. I know that some of you are employees. You're less inclined to believe me because I no longer have a stake in the city's affairs (which I admitted in my status earlier this week). You don't have to. But at the very least, stock up on some precious metals because there's a reasonable chance your pensions could be at risk. I wish I was wrong. I really do. I don't do this to spread fear. I'm saying this so you can prepare. But if you don't want to, "this is fine."
  5. I spent three years up close and personal with the city, its residents and transit system. My bias is informed by real suffering and real-world experience, not second hand comments. My experience, however, does make me understand why Upstate resents the MTA so much. I just wonder why you guys allowed Rockefeller to do what he did. This is why the MTA's hella insolvent. While the lights will be kept on, this isn't sustainable financially, and I repeat, your debtors will come for you.
  6. I never said service was going to get cut by order. I have absolutely no one in my ear. I literally admitted that in the first reply. My concern was the dynamic. Given Byford's departure, the Coronavirus pandemic, the MTA and Cuomo's denial in what led to his departure, a series of unfortunate events will occur by which the MTA will be cancelled. If it doesn't occur by order, it will by actuality. What I meant by debt vultures are those who hold MTA bonds. The moment any of them waver, those pensions will go the way of St. Clares, but one hundred times worse.
  7. MTA workers are already beginning to get sick and there's a huge drop in ridership. I was just in NYC this past Monday. My bias does not make the reality any different for those below I-287. People are gonna get "railroaded". https://www.msn.com/en-us/finance/markets/new-york-e2-80-99s-mta-takes-a-ridership-hit-as-investors-hang-on/ar-BB11pZLE https://www.forbes.com/sites/marleycoyne/2020/03/20/23-new-york-area-transit-workers-have-tested-positive-for-coronavirus/#3cd7565129a5 I'm not making anything up. Stop pretending that this isn't real.
  8. It's clear that this topic hits close to home for many of you, and you're correct, my concerns aren't substantiated. I stand by my suspicions, however. The debt vultures will swoop down eventually.
  9. Pretty soon public transit is gonna be shut down in the city. I hope none of you took my prior warnings too lightly that the city is experiencing a manufactured crisis. https://www.nyctransitforums.com/profile/15602-masstransithonchkrow/?status=30470&type=status
  10. As of today, both me and my property have successfully Fled NYC.

    Now all that's left to do is watch the impending collapse from 170 miles away.

  11. There's one here: https://www.berkshirerta.com/PDF/BRTA-shelter poster.pdf
  12. Pittsfield's Train Station is member to the Lake Shore Limited class, which facilitates connections between Chicago and Boston, making stops in the Mohawk Valley and Finger Lakes.

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