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  1. State controller says MTA needs more money to avoid fare hikes

    I can agree with that. I'm going on a forum holiday for a bit.
  2. Cannot Mute User(s)

    I can't mute a particular user that has been making hostile remarks instead of providing meaningful replies. I would like to know why. Please permit me to mute said user, or delete my profile. Thanks in advance.
  3. State controller says MTA needs more money to avoid fare hikes

    @checkmatechamp13 thank you for understanding the context of my remark (instead of referring to it as a 'pissing contest' as @B35 via Church did) Transit is in trouble. And the disconnect between riders and the service they receive can be remedied. I will continue to make comparisons between services I've used where the experiences differ and where the ratio of community cooperation is better. The board, the Governor and the Mayor should follow the City Council's example and ride the subway system/SIR for themselves (maybe even incognito to get a fresher perspective). They're the ones out of touch, not me.
  4. State controller says MTA needs more money to avoid fare hikes

    The transit system is going to leave people behind regardless of whether or not we agree. Any plan that can stop or slow that should be considered. For some, it will be because of cost. For others, a lack of representation. There are some who operate on more desperate fiscal angles that might disagree with that remark. Your quote was clipped for objective clarity. Y'all really need to stop with personal attacks. Not that I'm fazed.
  5. Help a transplant understand how government in NYS works...

    You might have a better handle on this than I do. I'm learning here. By people, they also mean those not specified, like townships, counties and parishes. That might be the 7% I lost on my US History and Gov't Regents. Sadly, New York State has compelled counties to share the burden of Medicaid, in addition to county DOTs picking up the slack that the state can't (worth noting a permanent DMV commish still does not exist). This isn't representative of the rest of the country and is the product of a state legislature that does not take initiative and only seeks city office because the salaries are higher. This requires a subset of people that are essentially doing the state's job at the local level. Some pensioners will make more per year when they retire than any Assemblymember in their next three lifetimes. Boy are we broken.
  6. State controller says MTA needs more money to avoid fare hikes

    Some New Yorkers seem to forget that the bus network hasn't been updated in over a half century. This is especially true for Richmond County riders. The system cannot function reliably from a business or strap-hanger standpoint. I know my opinions seem out of place, but transit is like any other business. You cannot provide service that cannot be paid for and not expect financial repercussions. The suburbs may serve a smaller population, but that population is served well. NYCT Buses are the worst in the nation. The has been given numerous warnings, audits and even rider feedback (I literally watched representatives do eye rolls toward New Dorp residents who raised valid flags), and that is far more out of touch than my remarks can ever be. Riders need to be taken seriously if any change is to be made, and cohesion between the city and state is an absolute must. I've spent my week writing letters to the Governor, senator and Representative from my district (42/77). People are too disembodied from the process that it stands to undo everything this city stands for. And that may very well trigger an exodus or high earners, although I would be willing to look toward a suburban residency once more.
  7. Help a transplant understand how government in NYS works...

    That might be because of how state constitutions are composed - it requires top-down oversight, which is something mentioned in the supremacy clause of the US Constitution. Any laws or authority not asserted by the federal or state governments can be asserted by county and local governments. It's a requirement that all states had to ratify to be a part of the union (including the 11 states that seceded between Dec. 1860 and April 1861), which were readmitted between May 1866 and March 1870, starting with Tennessee and ending with Texas.
  8. I will reply under Random Thoughts Thread after this. It seems our spat has already veered us off course. To the mods, Apologies.
  9. I don't have to admit that here on the site. That doesn't mean, however, that I doubt your word. *nods* Didn't I say in a past reply to you that I don't do that on forums as it's ego fuel? Under no circumstance do I have to validate or reconcile any remark I state, so long as it isn't provocative or pointed as @bobtehpanda's remarks have been. The 'holier than thou' remark has been used against me a baker's dozen times. *facepalm* It becomes difficult for me to understand where the criticism is coming from when we veer toward personal insults instead of staying on or reacting directly to my perspective on the topic. *shakes head*
  10. State controller says MTA needs more money to avoid fare hikes

    The B46 is SBS and shouldn't even be considered for cuts. Transit serving Arteries and Boulevards shouldn't even be considered for cuts. The buses need to be apportioned to who needs them most, and what roadways are most welcoming, and despite 278 local routes, some communities are underserved. If not cuts, reassignments. It makes it easier to follow what I'm replying to. I'm using the default set. The remainder of your reply I won't dispute as it isn't something I can.
  11. Help a transplant understand how government in NYS works...

    @Deucey you lost me 😵
  12. Don ye hued apparel...

    I chose Gold for this site, but my Twitter PFP/CP uses a red hue.

  13. Help a transplant understand how government in NYS works...

    Not well. Do you really need details? But if you do, I can set the same example as a typical NYS politician and refer you to something that makes you ask more questions.
  14. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I know this lesson well. I kinda just fire back now. If they're taking their bad day out on me, I'll be sure to make it worse. And join them on their round trip back. ):-}
  15. State controller says MTA needs more money to avoid fare hikes

    I have quite the grasp. I spent a great deal of my summer reading up on the shortcomings of this system. Sadly, even I understand that while my suggestions are out of touch, the electorate is far more so. Any ideas are better than none at all. I've spent more of my life in the suburbs than in the city. Again, it cannot be helped. My perspective is as it shall be. You're right about that. And it requires an open mind, something the city has not been blessed with over the decades. I don't see them being corralled in as the law is taking too long to catch up and unlike Riders Alliance, UBER is much better at rallying public support. Let's hope it stays that way. A natural consequence of low voter turnout causing more of the same. We have a mayor that is in the pockets of real estate than he is "in your borough". You and me both. That would be the most counterproductive thing ever. I would support cuts if the fare went down, not up. We shouldn't be running services that are deplorable and set us further in the red. I would be supportive of SBS being exempt from any cuts and a double down on eligible routes.


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