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  1. Good morning, #CapitalRegion!

    It isn't because of the weather. It's because it's expensive.

    © Empire State Weekly on WTEN | 4/21/2019


  2. A photo taken during the 4th of July celebration in Empire State Plaza. Free transportation was available for revelers that covered all possible trunk routes. Taken by my HTC One m8.
  3. There's this wonderful thread for desktops I stumbled upon. I hope my submission inspires its revival...


  4. Inside Flower by Ingalill Creations Windows 10 build 18343 using Light Mode
  5. Now that they've axed the shutdown, will they still lengthen trains? They always seemed overcrowded anyway, and I know the feeling** of coming down to the platform on the staircase that's too far away to the train as its doors close. Are they still going to fix the tunnel using the 3-year plan? **Although it's been a while since I've had this feeling.
  6. See Bold for context This explains why we have New Flyers up here. It seems they don't like building big. Thanks for the awesome insight and welcome back! Also, NYC is set to run out of NG in the next six years. A fracking project that has the support of some tenant associations is actually being stalled. I'd have to look more into it, but it's based on this story. I think there's more sides to this story.
  7. A number of 30-foot (3---) and 40-foot (4----/4----H/5----/5----H) CDTA routes are Gilligs. The 60-foot buses are New Flyers used on the 905, 12 and 1 due to their near-to-past-million-person annual ridership.
  8. That's a good way to sum it up. Kinda like moving fast and breaking things.
  9. The fact that this bus can be in a museum and in operation is appalling. Accommodating wheelchairs on these buses adds 5 minutes to the trip every time. It isn't fair to them, and it isn't fair to able-bodied riders on a tight schedule. Flatbush deserves better and I hope they get better equipment.
  10. This thread is a fantastic window into the transit authority's difficult-to-shed past. Those rollsigns were something else.
  11. New stories are now available in the Official CDTA thread. Thank you for having me.

  12. CDTA is making a bid to annex Montgomery County to the service area. It's a move that's welcomed by the County Executive, State Senator Amedore (49), Assemblyman Santabarbara (111) and numerous employers along Route 5S, including Fulton-Montgomery Community College. Amsterdam, the US House District Seat, is 15 miles from Schenectady to the West. Montgomery County shuttered its transit authority in April 2018. https://www.wamc.org/post/montgomery-county-leaders-seek-cdta-service © WAMC | story by Lucas WIllard | 3/22/2019
  13. CDTA has been awarded funding for the River Corridor BusPlus Blue Route, which will complement the 22, 182, and 370 when it opens for business in a few years. The contract is nearly $27 million. BusPlus Red (905) is the most trafficked route in the system, with 3 million annual riders. The (1blue) comes in second at 1.5 million riders. More is available in this article. https://www.masstransitmag.com/bus/infrastructure/news/21075727/us-awards-cdta-269m-for-new-bus-rapid-transit-line © Mass Transit Mag | story by Eric Anderson | 4/10/2019
  14. I'm fully aware of the associations on this site. It's exactly why I joined. There's no better way to get an authoritative scoop than with actual personnel.

  15. I rode it last weekend as a 117 on my way to the Crossgates Mall. I really like the deat design. It's catchy and hypo-allergenic.

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