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  1. Perhaps I should chat here instead. Is it possible to merge the 2 CDTA threads?
  2. Yeah, my bad about the 3. For about much of the time I was a Westchester County resident, the Warburton Bridge was being rehabbed, and the 1 and 6 actually shared the same trunk within Yonkers. I confused the 1 and 6 itinerary all the time due to that.
  3. The buses are seen as distinct by the fare reader. I have never been double charged for transferring from a 1T to a 1W (Scenario: I missed the 13, so I took the 1T to Route 9 and 119 and dashed across the street for the 1W going East ) The branches of the 1 have distinct colors and destinations, but many transit apps and sites do not take note of this. Which bus you take depends on where you want to go. You should decide before you board. Route 1 only goes to the Yonkers City Line (or in some cases, Mercy College) In the evenings, the 1 only goes to the City Line. You could also take the 6 to that same stop. Route 1W goes to White Plains and turns right at NY-119 when Route 1T continues straight. If you need the Harlem Line, connections to other state systems, or County Offices, you should take the 1W. If you need the Hudson Line, or connections to Ossining, Peekskill or Briarcliff Manor, you should take the 1T. The 1W will also connect to the 13 and 14. Route 1C - it depends. If the wording is Via WMC, then it stops at the college last. If it says via WCC, it stops at WMC last. Route 1X is a skip-stop route and utilizes highways and US-9 (it makes one stop along Ashburton Avenue). The 3 goes to Manhattan Road along NY-119, NOT the bus terminal. If you need the terminal, you should take the 1W. There's a shopping mall just beyond the curb.
  4. The connected nature of public transit makes it a great place to see new people, places and approaches. Obviously, not everyone does transit as badly as the nation's largest. Historically, I've been socially inward and public transit gives me an opportunity to stride outside my comfort zone. It keeps me sharp and punctual. It's a great stand-in for vehicle ownership, which is as expensive and convoluted as registering to vote.
  5. Taken with my HTC m8 running Android 8.1.0 A vine wall changes color as the weather begins to cool. Circa October 2019.
  6. The Bee-Line system has adopted the same timeline for OMNY adoption as the city. More information from their website, which was recently redesigned and now has a dark mode: https://transportation.westchestergov.com/omny
  7. Same here, but it seems things have not changed. When I used to be down there, the ones on the Jerome ELs were finicky. I find that saying "whoosh" in my head as I swipe makes it easier to time the swipe. I honestly wonder why dippers aren't used instead, as the speed of the swipe would be taken out of a commuter's hands and chance. There are added complications that come from swiping your card too fast or slow, as it affects overall readability of the card. Although, MCs are less flimsy than hotel keycards. I had this monthly when I swiped it too fast (even though it worked), and when I swiped it at a slower speed, it began having read errors. It crapped out eventually.
  8. Hey there! I created a more interactive planned service changes document that allows for more detailed input and is navigable when converted to PDF. Like before, it resembles the Subway Service Guide shown here. The updated document is here. Please let me know if you can see the embedded fonts when you open it in Word. Is Template and will show Document1. Previous version here, also a template.
  9. CDTA Bus Rider Tip: If you have a Navigator™ card, your fare floor for all taps (except Route 540) is $1.30. Use spare change to extend your balance sheet. If you put a quarter in the fare box, your card will only be charged $1.05 for that tap. Like EasyPay cards, it takes 48 hours for reloads made to your Navigator™ card to materialize. To avoid being left hanging, register your card online so you can activate Auto-Buy, or reload when your balance falls below $5.
  10. Service Changes As of September 3rd: Route 117 does not serve SUNY Collins Circle. Route 114 now has Sunday service. The bus stop at Colonie Center for the 125 and 355 has been discontinued. Route 905 has one extra morning and late night trip on weekdays.
  11. New guidance technology is being installed on CDTA buses systemwide. I can confirm that they are in use on Gillig 4083 and 4114.
  12. More 104.1 Ames, IA. Callsign KMYR Listen anywhere. Get the bitcaster here.
  13. My phone's about to hit a major milestone next month. Five Years of Service.
  14. SUNY Schenectady UAP card holders who were here in Spring 2019 and earlier should be able to use their card, provided they have no outstanding balances.
  15. SUNY Schenectady UAPs are disabled between August 19th and September 1st. Source: Student Business Office
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