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  1. More 104.1 Ames, IA. Callsign KMYR Listen anywhere. Get the bitcaster here.
  2. My phone's about to hit a major milestone next month. Five Years of Service.
  3. SUNY Schenectady UAP card holders who were here in Spring 2019 and earlier should be able to use their card, provided they have no outstanding balances.
  4. SUNY Schenectady UAPs are disabled between August 19th and September 1st. Source: Student Business Office
  5. Just a seventeen minute walk there and back. My endeavor was successful. No NYCT assets were used.
  6. I will use the Bee-Line 7 and 55 only, both ways and complete the journey on foot.
  7. It's probably more of a priority to have the ones near the subways or transfer points. If a road only has one barely-changing bus route, it's unlikely they ever will update them. For example, up here in Menands along Route 32, they still have the old signs for the 22. Given that the 22 continues to serve Menands, replacing the signs is a pointless gesture.
  8. What a shame many signs in Queens and Brooklyn haven't seen those updates (as recently as 2018).
  9. I'm heading into NYC next month and will do so without relying on any NYCT assets. I will report on that when I return.
  10. Update 7/25/2019 Turns out that wasn't supposed to happen. The glitch has since been fixed.
  11. I kind of wished we supported aliasing, like DeviantArt. If we change our name, all links redirect to it, but if people use the old username, it'll redirect to that same user. For example, I use masstransithonchkrow and masstransitkrow interchangeably across networks. I don't have a second account to my knowledge on this site.
  12. Hope this is helpful if you don't like your Lyft driver. An all day pass will set you back $5.25 for all four zones. http://www.redrosetransit.com/
  13. My concern is that the buildings will be so degraded, they won't be safe for habitation and that will be used as the justification for eviction. I believe that felons who do their time should be given the opportunity to demonstrate that they have learned. The system makes it hard for them to reintegrate, and I believe that is by design. Personally, I believe NYCHA residents need to flee New York City, even if it's costly. They'll have more troubles if they stay. Someone is attacking the city's infrastructure, and they know what they're doing. They need to GET OUT.

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