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  1. MassTransitHonchkrow

    The Official CDTA thread

    Several charters besides the Northway Express serve the capital region: Trailways in Schenectady (no ridership data from me) MegaBus at Collins Circle - UAlbany and Albany-Amtrak, Parking Lot B. Trips from NYC cost about $17 ($20 for preferred seating) Greyhound in Albany. Trips from NYC cost about $17. Haven't rode in about 20 years.
  2. MassTransitHonchkrow

    The Official CDTA thread

    Latham Farms [Stop ID: 07178], West, near Lowe's. the 370 to Downtown Sch'dy, and the 182 to Downtown Albany.
  3. MassTransitHonchkrow

    The Official CDTA thread

    Mohawk Road and Glen Avenue, East [in Scotia] (reminder - Transit app allows you to search for bus stops and train stations based on their ID) These two bus stops have one other intersection in common: Rt 50 (North Ballston Av in this area) and Dutch Meadows Lane, and Liberty Park Station (the next and last stop from the above-pictured).
  4. MassTransitHonchkrow

    The Official CDTA thread

    As promised, now that I live up here, I'd be happy to provide you guys with updates on what's going on up here. Here are a few photos from this past summer: 3rd Street and Congress St in Troy, NY Blue routes are trunk - they run all week and most frequently. Route 22 operates largely along NY-32. Green routes are neighborhood - they run every day except Sunday for some. The 182 runs on Sunday, just once every hour. It operates largely along NY-378. I have rode the 224, just not into Troy. Yellow routes are express. I have not yet rode such a route.
  5. Long time no post!

    There are three infrastructure failures that are imminent in the next six years if the projects don't start soon.

    -The BQE Cantilever. If it isn't repaired soon, by 2026 all commercial traffic will divert into Downtown Brooklyn, creating the ultimate traffic nightmare far worse than Midtown could ever be.

    -the Northeast Corridor tunnel. By 2024, it will no longer be safe for trains to continue operating through it.

    -The (L) train shutdown. Unfortunately, I've heard that some afflueza-afflicted New Yorkers have hijacked the meetings, and have even threatened to sue to stall the project because it didn't get an environmental assessment (it was waived).

    How is everyone?


  6. I live upstate now. I'll send some CDTA-related photos soon.

  7. Have a great weekend. Nature sure has a way of flipping the bird.

  8. #HappySaturday *yawns*

  9. MassTransitHonchkrow

    State controller says MTA needs more money to avoid fare hikes

    I can agree with that. I'm going on a forum holiday for a bit.
  10. MassTransitHonchkrow

    Cannot Mute User(s)

    I can't mute a particular user that has been making hostile remarks instead of providing meaningful replies. I would like to know why. Please permit me to mute said user, or delete my profile. Thanks in advance.
  11. MassTransitHonchkrow

    State controller says MTA needs more money to avoid fare hikes

    @checkmatechamp13 thank you for understanding the context of my remark (instead of referring to it as a 'pissing contest' as @B35 via Church did) Transit is in trouble. And the disconnect between riders and the service they receive can be remedied. I will continue to make comparisons between services I've used where the experiences differ and where the ratio of community cooperation is better. The board, the Governor and the Mayor should follow the City Council's example and ride the subway system/SIR for themselves (maybe even incognito to get a fresher perspective). They're the ones out of touch, not me.
  12. MassTransitHonchkrow

    State controller says MTA needs more money to avoid fare hikes

    The transit system is going to leave people behind regardless of whether or not we agree. Any plan that can stop or slow that should be considered. For some, it will be because of cost. For others, a lack of representation. There are some who operate on more desperate fiscal angles that might disagree with that remark. Your quote was clipped for objective clarity. Y'all really need to stop with personal attacks. Not that I'm fazed.
  13. MassTransitHonchkrow

    Help a transplant understand how government in NYS works...

    You might have a better handle on this than I do. I'm learning here. By people, they also mean those not specified, like townships, counties and parishes. That might be the 7% I lost on my US History and Gov't Regents. Sadly, New York State has compelled counties to share the burden of Medicaid, in addition to county DOTs picking up the slack that the state can't (worth noting a permanent DMV commish still does not exist). This isn't representative of the rest of the country and is the product of a state legislature that does not take initiative and only seeks city office because the salaries are higher. This requires a subset of people that are essentially doing the state's job at the local level. Some pensioners will make more per year when they retire than any Assemblymember in their next three lifetimes. Boy are we broken.
  14. MassTransitHonchkrow

    State controller says MTA needs more money to avoid fare hikes

    Some New Yorkers seem to forget that the bus network hasn't been updated in over a half century. This is especially true for Richmond County riders. The system cannot function reliably from a business or strap-hanger standpoint. I know my opinions seem out of place, but transit is like any other business. You cannot provide service that cannot be paid for and not expect financial repercussions. The suburbs may serve a smaller population, but that population is served well. NYCT Buses are the worst in the nation. The has been given numerous warnings, audits and even rider feedback (I literally watched representatives do eye rolls toward New Dorp residents who raised valid flags), and that is far more out of touch than my remarks can ever be. Riders need to be taken seriously if any change is to be made, and cohesion between the city and state is an absolute must. I've spent my week writing letters to the Governor, senator and Representative from my district (42/77). People are too disembodied from the process that it stands to undo everything this city stands for. And that may very well trigger an exodus or high earners, although I would be willing to look toward a suburban residency once more.


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