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  1. MassTransitHonchkrow

    Fix & Fortify - 14th Street (L Train) Tunnels Closure

    and given this Governor only won a third term by the hair on his city-chin-chins**, he should try not to upset the largest constituency in the state (Kings County). ** - Why the Mother Goose reference? I mean this.
  2. Hoping you all had a safe and happy holiday season.


  3. MassTransitHonchkrow

    Fix & Fortify - 14th Street (L Train) Tunnels Closure

    Brooklynites' input be damned. This is what happens when we pander to irrational mobs. My statement on Mastodon: This is also on my Twitter, but that is private. https://mastodon.cloud/@masstransitkrow/101354843094595387
  4. MassTransitHonchkrow

    Cortlandt Street will re-open in October on the 1 Train

    that makes sense. I've heard that the train arrivals line up worse with the buses at 86th St.
  5. MassTransitHonchkrow

    IND 23rd St 6th Av Exclusive

    There's a reason MTA construction costs are the largest in the world. Weatherproofing shouldn't be that intensive of a task. Putting grates over underground stations without diverting the flow of their contents was a bad design choice from the start. I'm just glad they're including elevators in some of the stations they plan to shut down.
  6. MassTransitHonchkrow

    IND 23rd St 6th Av Exclusive

    It looks gorgeous. I hope it smells gorgeous too.
  7. MassTransitHonchkrow

    Cortlandt Street will re-open in October on the 1 Train

    Someone mentioned about the timing between trains terminating at South Ferry and missing the ferry by a few minutes because of the offset. Do they plan on adjusting the Ferry or times to compensate? Also, I previously mentioned that the (via 86th St in Brooklyn) can be used to connect to buses headed to Staten Island. While this may add as much as half an hour to commuters from the Bronx and Manhattan, the difference might be less if you're commuting from Brooklyn or Queens. What are this community's thoughts on that now? And if you have a final destination in Staten Island, how do you cope?
  8. MassTransitHonchkrow

    Student Metrocard discussion thread

    What I wished they did was put those students on the EasyPay program and simply have educational institutions subsidize the cost. This way you can have a card that works with Bee-Line and NICE and can be replaced if it's lost or stolen with the balance you previously had. I wish they streamlined it so that people didn't have to wait ten days, and that full fare customers could benefit from the dual use mode that seniors enjoy. However, they will not work with PATH or JFK AirTrain (unlimited version). Upstate, a system like that is already in place, called "Universal Access." My suggestion is more ad-hoc though. At the February 2015 public meeting at the Westchester County Center, I mentioned the above idea.
  9. TransDev is now Transport of Rockland's bus operator. The change occurred earlier last month.
  10. I thought this might be useful to leave here. An entire folder dedicated to all the buses I ever rode and hope to ride. I update it every few months, but if anything is out of date, let me know. Folders listed by Agency. It's public. No login needed, although it would help, because you'd be able to save it to your own OneDrive.
  11. MassTransitHonchkrow

    Amtrak suitcase symbol

    You're allowed to carry two. I asked an attendant at ALB, and she said if it's two backpacks like the one I was carrying, it's okay. (the backpack was a Russell 20 gallon barrel backpack, which I got for $20 at Marshall's. I necroposted, I know, but I answered a question that was asked but not answered.
  12. MassTransitHonchkrow

    Bee Line Stop Balancing on Route 13

    Good to know. I haven't rode the Bee-Line network extensively since that inflated record I mentioned when I first joined. Check my recent status for the correct number. It certainly IS NOT 10K. I mentioned TSP earlier. Modules have been embedded under NY-119 for the Lower Husdon Transit Link, which started service this Monday.
  13. MassTransitHonchkrow

    Bee Line Stop Balancing on Route 13

    It's the same thing with the 6/6U near the Exit 17 overpass. That signal creates nasty rubbernecking at rush hour.
  14. I'm back for another ride.


    Based on past feedback, it seems that I might have a better time avoiding the random thoughts thread, since that's where most of the ire was drawn.

    I should also note: There are people on this forum who are far more dedicated to public transit than I am. And even though I didn't say it then, I envied your know-how.

    Let's be honest - my 10K swipe remark was clearly a call for attention. I only rode 219 times that month. Checked my statement after I made that remark. In an era where news is too often oversensationalized, that's something I will try to avoid.

    If I don't have enough knowledge on a subject, I will abstain answering.

    I will avoid necroposting. It's as much a no-no here as it is on DeviantArt, XDA and some Discord servers. I'll limit my input to the last thirty days from the date I last visit. Older comments will be reacted to, but not quoted.


    Thanks for having me!


  15. MassTransitHonchkrow

    Bee Line Stop Balancing on Route 13

    I'm surprised the 20/21 hasn't been a candidate for TSP. I think it would benefit hugely from it.


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