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[Canada] Central Ontario

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Yesterday, a trip was held visiting several systems in South Central Ontario. Systems visited were Orangeville, Owen Sound, Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Midland, and Orillia. 


In Orangeville, the transit system has long been based on 3 routes with a makeshift on street transfer point downtown. A new terminal is being built at a mall in the east end of town that should be a improvement.


The fleet from inception in 1991 until now has been cutaway buses, however in December 2016 Orangeville recieved 1 30' Grande West Vicinity bus (ex demonstrator). 2 more Vicinity buses are were recently ordered so the fleet will be transitioning to 30' low floor buses.





Owen Sound was next. Up until 2015 they had used Eldorado EZ Rider buses which have since been retired. The fleet consists of 6 ARBOC cutaway buses covering 4 routes (1 bus per route) plus a 5th bus providing mobility service. The operation is contracted to First and when there is a shortage of buses for whatever reason First substitutes one of their own school buses as seen below. All photos were taken at the downtown bus terminal and Heritage Place mall.





Collingwood Transit is branded COLLTRANS and serves Collingwood. The fleet is quite varied and consists of 3 2007 Eldorado EZ Riders and 2 2012 New Flyer XD40 for regular service in Collingwood. A Glaval Titan is used on a route linking Collingwood to Wasaga Beach.


The most interesting bus is a UK built Alexander Dennis Enviro 200. This bus was the prototype for the New Flyer Midi program and was sold to Collingwood in 2016. It is used on a route connecting a few small towns west of Collingwood.


The Eldorados were in sorry shape but there are 2 New Flyer MD30 (Midi) entering service soon to replace 2 of the 3 Eldorados.








Wasaga Beach Transit is a small operation with a few cutaway buses.




Midland Transit is a small 2 route system that uses 1 bus to cover 2 routes. The fleet consists of 2 Eldorado EZ Riders (both second hand) and there is a route linking to Pentanguishie that uses cutaways.


71 is one of the 2 Eldorado EZ Riders and is a 2004 model, ex Chicago O' Hare Airport. The other EZ Rider is 69 and is a 2001 model that was a ex-Eldorado demo, sold to Timmins Transit in 2003, purchased by Eastway Refurbishing in 2015, refurbished and then sold to Midland.

71 in downtown Midland.




Orillia Transit (the real one) has a fleet of 11 buses that consist of 2 Eldorado EZ Riders, 4 New Flyer D40LF, 2 New Flyer XD40 and most recently, 3 2016 Nova Bus LFS. There are 2 more Nova LFS on order that will probably replace the 2 Eldorados.






My flickr photostream is at https://www.flickr.com/photos/ryantilley/ 

Thanks for reading!

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